So, I am heading into the gift-buying time of the year, when I shell out what little cash I have left after paying bills and buying food and booze, to purchase gifts for the fam.

And I hate it. I mean, most of my family doesn't give a shit if we swap gifts, but we do it out of habit every year. I finally ended the tradition of getting a gift for ever sibling and step-sibling and implemented a name drawing system. That is my first step towards eliminating Christmas gifts. I mean, I like buying my neice stuff, but even she has every single toy in the world.

So, thinking about this reminded me of the book I have above that I always see and think about reading, but haven't bothered to because I am too dim to follow through on reading most non-fiction. Anybody read it?

So, on this holiday season I give commericialism a big fat stinking F!

Grade: F

Butt Plugs

So, I was chatting online today with a friend of mine, and the topic of butt plugs came up. And I can't stop thinking about them.

I mean, I am a pretty sexually open guy. I guess I don't have a lot of experience with sex toys though. And I am especially confused by butt plugs. So, you jsut put it in and leave it there? What happens after that? And how the hell do those super huge ones go up there. Help me out here dear readers...

Oh, and if you fart with a butt plug in, does it fall out?

Grade: You tell me cuz I have no clue.

Osho Zen Tarot Cards

My friend Melanie has this deck of cards on her coffee table. And a lot of times when I go over there we will think of an issue and draw a card, then read the description from the book. It is dead on a lot of times, but the gist of nearly every card in this deck is "just relax and see what happens. go with the flow."

I actually had a deck of these in high school at one point when I thought I was psychic and would make a great fortune teller. Whatever, no need to tell me, I was a weird kid and know it. I didn't really do much with them.

Last night we created a couple of really weird new games with these cards. If anyone saw us they would think were were either crazy or 15 year old girls.

Grade: B


KFC Revisited

OK, you guys totally called me out.

I was just too chicken to admit that I actually really loved KFC. Even though it is toxic, I still totally love it!

Grade: A


I ate at KFC on Friday night. I hadn't been in over a year. And I hadn't eaten anything all day. I was talked into going there, and two of us ordered an entire Variety Bucket meal. This included 4 pieces of chicken, a large order of popcorn chicken and 4 chicken strips. Along with a side of potatoe wedges and mac and cheese (so not my choices). And the biscuits which the mean bitch at the counter almost forgot to give to us. We took it home and ate nearly all of it. I felt totally nasty after and my house smelled like fried chicken. I have to admit it tasted sort of good.

And to top it all off today I did the nutrition calculator and discovered that I ate about 114 grams of fat in one sitting. That is so nast!

Grade: C-

Lady Kier

Lady Kier of Dee-Lite success, performed at Circuit on Saturday night. I had read about it in Time Out and thought it could be lots of fun. The listing said it started at 9, which I knew couldn't be true, so I didn't get there until around 10:30. Miss Foozie, the awesome Chicago drag queen, told me she wouldn't be on until 2. So, we came back later and she actually didn't make it on until 2:30.

But, she was lots of fun. She had a couple of kickin' drag queen types in gight spacesuite like leotard outfits doing crazy dances behind her. She just played a handful of songs, most of them from her upcoming new album. But then she played a couple of oldies and no surprise, ended with Groove is in the Heart. It was good times, but a short show that started awfully late.

Grade: B

November Oscar Picks

Here are my November Oscar nominee predictions. I still haven't seen much of anything, so this is all based on buzz going on out there right now and other websites predictions.

Best Picture
Brokeback Mountain
Walk the Line
Memoirs of a Geisha
Good Night and Good Luck

Others: The New World, Crash, Match Point

Best Director
Ang Lee – Brokeback Mountain
Rob Marshall – Memoirs of a Geisha
Woody Allen – Match Point
Steven Spielberg – Munich
George Clooney – Good Night and Good Luck

Others: James Mangold – Walk the Line, David Cronenberg – A History of Violence

Best Actor
Joaquin Phoenix – Walk the Line
Heath Ledger – Brokeback Mountain
Phillip Seymour Hoffman – Capote
Eric Bana - Munich
Ralph Fiennes –The Constant Gardener

Others: Nathan Lane – The Producers, David Strathairn – Good Night and Good Luck

Best Actress
Reese Witherspoon – Walk the Line
Judi Dench – Mrs. Henderson Presents
Zhang Ziyi – Memoirs of a Geisha
Charlize Theron – North County
Keira Knightly – Pride & Prejudice

Others: Joan Allen – The Upside of Anger, Felicity Huffman - Transamerica

Supporting Actor
Jake Gyllenhall – Brokeback Mountain
Bob Hoskins – Mrs. Henderson Presents
Geoffrey Rush – Munich
Matt Dillon – Crash
Paul Giametti – Cinderella Man

Others: William Hurt – A History of Violence,

Supporting Actress
Gong Li – Memoirs of a Geisha
Michelle Williams – Brokeback Mountain
Scarlett Johanson – Match Point
Diane Keaton – The Family Stone
Rachel Weisz - The Constant Gardener

Others: Maria Bello – A History of Violence, Uma Thurman – The Producers, Catherine Keener – Capote

Best Original Screenplay
Match Point
Good Night and Good Luck
The Squid and the Whale
The Family Stone

Others: The New World, Mrs. Henderson Presents

Best Adapted Screenplay
Brokeback Mountain
Walk the Line
Memoirs of a Geisha

Others: A History of Violence



I had to take a couple of days before I wrote this. I guess Rent was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. An entertaining, yet uninspired retelling of the Broadway musical.

But, thank goodness that the original material is so wonderful and I still love it so hard. During the first few numbers I was nearly cringing in my seat, but I think this was because I hadn't seen such a straight forward musical on the screen for a while. The latest musicals movies try to do some twist in order to explain why people are singing and dancing in the street. Rent doesn't apologize for being a musical, and this took me time to adjust to.

But, once I got into the swing of things I was able to focus on this amazing cast, which is what the movie is really all about. Everyone did great, with the exception of Adam Pascal, who I just don't really like. But Jesse Martin and Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Tom and Angel both stood out.

And of course I teared up more than a couple of times. OK, I totally cried just during the opening song, just because I hadn't heard it for a while and kept thinking about what was to come for the characters.

But, no Oscar nods for this one, I fear.

Grade: B+


Buffalo Chicken Sammy from O'Neils

When I venture into a new restaurant with sandwiches, I usually go for a burger. I have always been opposed to chicken sammies on the menue for some reason. But, I went to O'Neils (near Ontario and Michigan) about a month ago and the cute little waitress there talked me and No No into getting the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. My life has been changed!

This sandwich is amazing! It is a big ol' chicken breast that is fried and covered in tons of yummy buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese. This is served in a basket with fries. I have had it a few times with Ryan since that first time and loved it every time, but been crazy full after.

This little bar has been around forever from what I understand. And the waitress there is always there and literally took the job because of this sandwich. She would come in at least once a week for one, and ended up getting a job as a waitress there. And she is so cute and fun. I hear her talking about the chicken sammy like every time I am there.

Oh, and your sammy comes with a little bag of M&M's, usually, or some sweet chocolate treat.

Grade: A+


Ugliest Dog in the World Dies

This dog died today. It had won the ugliest dog in the world contest for a few years. Thank the Lord this nasty thing is gone.

Grade: A+


This morning 4 cups of coffee were consumed. And, I am really really impacted by the consumption of caffeine. So, I am sitting at my desk at work, actually getting a lot done, but in short bits and spurts and then I forget what I was working on.

Drinking too much caffeine to me really honestly feels like being on speed. I feel so jacked up and just mentally insane. I mean, I shouldn't even be talking to people or sending work related e-mails, because I know major mistakes will happen.

And then my thoughts get frantic and I want to like make lists and plan activities and trips and do 5,000 things at once.

I wonder how many of those little molecules of caffeine are inside me right now?

Grade: Not sure. Either an A or F, but nothing in between...

Blog Overload

Yesterday I went on a blog-reading binge. And I was totally overloaded. It was too much. I mean, I know that there a shit ton of blogs out there and I scratched the surfice, but it is really insane how many exists. Even just among friends and friends of friends there is too much to read. But, you all have some really wonderful blogs out there. Because my friends are awesome!

It made me feel nervous and insecure about Chargenda. I have fiecre competition, so I am committed to rocking it out from now on with the most awesome posts ever!

What do you think, I have been trying to be less restaurant-y and a tad more personal on here. Is it working?

Grade: C


Saying "Thank you!"

There is something very charming about people who send quick brief thank-you e-mails after a party. I know that I generally try to send a quick e-mail off to the host of a party a day or two after the event has occured. Not necessary, but very kind after you have trashed a person's home. So, I am always just pleased when I get a little e-mail like that. And I also love any kind of attention I can get.

I have a friend, Elise, who often will send little thank you cards for simple things in the mail. Or randomly send you high school photos with a little card in there with a note. And it is just so classy and makes people very happy. Love that!

And for those totally confused by the photo, that is Rosie and Andie MacDowell in TV's wonderfully terrible Riding the Bus with My Sister, in which her most infamous line among some circles is "Thank you!"

Grade: A

Madonna shows up to entertain the G-A-Y's

So, I don't get into Madonna at all. But, I saw some photos of her at this club in London this weekend, and I have to admit that she looked super hot! I got all gay and excited about it for a bit. And her dancers were hottie, too. How tall is the hot asian guy to her right?

Plus, I was in this bar in London before.

This blog is something more like one of you other fags who blog would do, but I couldn't help it.

You look good Madonna!

Grade: A


Well, Skanksgiving is over. And it was good times. This is the first photo to show up, but more were on their way and I plan to post them. This is James who had half his ass hanging out of his jeans the whole night, and Andy, who wore these chaps with a jock strap, and bare ass hanging out.

But, overall the outfits were less skanky than I hoped at the party. People came dressed pretty normal, and there was lots of drinking, some skanky behaviour, and I for sure was a plastered bastard.

I kept my compusure pretty well. I didn't slap anyone at this party and only made out with a couple of boys. And one girl.

If you were there and have a photo, please let me know!

Grade: B+


Canning Lisa

For more information on ANTM, check out the blogs of any of these fags who comment on my blog.

But, I loved Lisa so hard and she got the boot. She should have won the whole thing. She took amazing photos, had so much spunk and had the problems with addiction that any good model should have.

I blame you Tyra!

Grade: D-

Being an uncle again

I just learned that another human is going to emerge from my sister's vagina. I am so excited and if this thing is half as cool as my neice, then it will be great.

And if it is a boy, it will be Ian Charles. Charles! That is my name! Go sis!

Grade: A

Shirt Pie

Just say the phrase "shirt pie" a couple of times. It makes me and No NO giggle...tee hee.

Grade: A

Skanksgiving Preview

So, I am having a party tomorrow. For those who don't know it is called Skanksgiving. I get super duper nervy before I have a party. Will people have fun? Will I freak out? Will the neighbors get mad? Will I find a good outfit? Will anybody come? Even thought like 85 poeple are RSVP'd I worry about this stuff.

But, it should be a blast and if I forgot to invite you, let me know, it was probably on purpose, but maybe I will let you come.

Grade: B

Dirty Martini

I had three of these buggers last night in a row. And I got super tips off of just three. But, I didn't have dinner, so it hit me quick. I went through a bit dirty martini phase where a lot of nights out would start with one, but then they got old after a bit. Now I think I might start that phase up again. Maybe they just aren't a good summer drink.

Lots of people think they are nasty, though. What do they know.

Grade: B+ (it is easy to fud up a martini)


Early Turkey Day

We are having a Thanksgiving feast in our office for lunch today. Turkey, taters (I made those), stuffing, homemade mac and cheese, pies, breads, wine, the whole she-bang. In about 10 minutes I am going to pig out. I might not be having another traditional Thanksgiving, so this is it for me. It smells so f-ing good in my office. And we are ususally sort of quiet and low-key, but today we are all chatting with each other and being friendly. Tis the season.

Grade: A


Cedar scented cat litter

My roomate bought this litter for the kitties. I don't know how much it cost or many details about it, but I know that it made scooping cat shit much more pleasant. It smelled really good and did a great job of covering that shit and nasty toxic cat piss smell.

Cats are so gross.

Grade: B


Nasty people making out on the train at 8:30 a.m.

I got on the train this morning and this man and woman were making out on the train. This was at 8:30 in the morning. And believe me it looked nothing like this photo of Mr. Farrel above.

No, this couple were trashy and ugly and gross and totally just in the sort of packed train swapping tongue juices and whispering to each other and staring and like wanting to fuck in the middle of the train pretty much. It was so nasty, but I couldn't stop staring at them.

Get a room you nasty, fugly freaks.

Grade: D

Being told my heart is lifeless and cold

On Friday I had a chat with this guy who I had hung out with a few times here and there. And he was way too young for me to date. By too young I mean he is 18. So, I should have known from the get go that it would be a bad idea. He was way more interested than I was, I think. He is a sweet guy, but he needs to date guys who aren't almost ten years older than him.

So, I told him this and said we couldn't hang out anymore. He didn't take this well and sent me a text message on Friday evening that said this "Hey sorry. Got kicked out of IM earler. I understand what you said....I just didn't think your heart was lifeless and cold."

OMFG! Lifeless and cold! So, sometimes I have these dreams of being like some sort of ruthless heart breaker, like my friend Valmont above, but when you really are accused of being like that it doesn't feel as good. I was John Malkovich, he was Michelle Pfeiffer, so who is Glenn Close?

But, still, that is sort of cool in a weird twisted way that I was told that.

Grade: C

A History of Violence

I finally made it to this movie. It has been a few months since I have been to any movie, so maybe I was just pleased to be there, but I really liked this movie. I was leary because I am not a huge David Cronenberg fan.

But, this movie about a guy who is forced to face his past history of violence after he kills two men in a hold up in his diner in a small podunk town in Indiana, is pretty gripping. And all the stuff I heard about Maria Bello was true, she is really wonderful.

But, the thing I wanted to talk about in this movie that I loved was the sex. Just a couple of sex scenes, but the way they are done is hot and raw and realistic. How often do you see a guy go down on his wife in a movie and then see the couple start to 69. And there is a sex scene on the staircase that is so animal and hot and violent all at once.

Come Oscar time, I don't see this movie going too far.

Grade: B+



I had Bice for lunch. It was pretty good, but not sure I want to have a return visit there. I had Carbanara, which is always yummy, if not rather rich and stuff. It was good, but not the best ever.

I really don't have much to say about this place. Sorry, this post sucks...

Grade: B-


People IM'ing me who read my blog!!!

So, last night I IM'd with somebody who I had never met who reads my blog sometimes. It totally renewed my interest in blogging. And thank you to all of you who sent me e-mails and comments abou thow much you love Chargenda. OK, nobody really did that.

But, if anyone else ever wants to IM me and say hi, here is how you reach me:
AOL: cpeter78
MSN: baasecha1@hotmail.com
Yahoo: baasecha

Hit me up. I doubt it will be as much fun and awesome as the chat I had last night, but try me...

Grade: A

John Galliano

So, I don't know shit about fashion, I will say that up front.

But, a friend of mine was in town and bought some clothes by John Galliano. And I mean some of the stuff was OK, but some of it was totally fugly.

And this shit ain't cheap. But, I still thought it would be nice to post some photos of these nice boys who model his clothes.

Grade: C (OK, the models totally know how to make the clothes work, yo!)


This nice kind man bought me lunch today, and for this I love him.

But here is a list of other reasons to love Ryan D:

- As attested to by the lunch, he is a really generous guy. He loves to share, and totally appreciates the fact that it all comes back to you in the end in some way or another.

- He is tons of fun, and totally up for adventures, like trying new restaurants, trekking up to my parents place in the Michigan woods, interacting with sketchy characters, and the like.

- He has an attention span about as short of mine.

- He has faults, but will be the first to admit those faults to you, such as his inability to remember much, his blunt nature, and his long rambling stories.

- He was a great roomate. We were both super laid back and got along smashingly, despite my shitty departure from the apartment.

- Oh, yeah, the reminds me of another one. He is super forgiving. I can be a real ass sometimes, but he still loves me.

OK, this is enough. Anyways...I think Ryan is awesome and I totally love him!

Grade: A


Luscious Lips

I feel I should report that my lips are in working order now. But I just may keep that vaseline around a bit longer...wink, wink...

Grade: A

Begging you for validation

OK, so I am feeling totall underappreciated right now. It seems the same few people post comments on my blog. I want to know if I have an audience outside of the 5 people or so that I know read Chargenda.

If you read this regularly, please, I am begging you, post a comment and let me know. Or send me an e-mail at baasecha1@hotmail.com and let me know. Feel free to include and comments, thoughts or suggestions on how Chargenda can become a better site for you, dear reader.

Grade: You get an A if you reply!

Missed Connections on Craigslist

If you visit http://chicago.craigslist.org/mis/ you can see one of my daily routines. Every single day I log onto craigslist and check out the missed connectins. Not because I expect to be in one of them, but because they are really fun to read. OK, maybe I secretly hope to have one posted for me one day.

Sometimes romantic, sometimes rude and sometimes just dirty, I can't get enough of these. I usually just search the m4m ones. And I have even posted a missed connection or two before, but with no results.

So, what I want is some proof that these have worked in the past. Anyone? And I love that now and then I have logged on and totally recognized a post that friend has put up.

Grade: A-

Dakota Fanning

I don't know what it is about this little gal, but I am SO in love with Dakota Fanning. When I see her I think she has like the mind and sould of a 45 year old woman inside of her little girl body. Have you seen her interviewed? She is like a little genius and so astute and controlled. And she sure can act.

I mean, she has made a few dud movies, including her most recent horse movie, what is it called? And Cat in the Hat was a dud, too. But, she is just so good. Actually, she sort of freaks me out a little bit because girls her age shouldn't be this wise and self-aware.

So, yeah, you go Dakota! I don't even like little kids around this age that much. They tend to be annoying little brats.

Grade: A-



OK, this is my last restaurant for a while. I was at a few this weekend. Oh wait, I am lying, I have one more to do.

Anyway, X/O, is the newest Boystown restaurant to open up. I had been there for the overpriced drinks in the back bar, and have to admit I liked it. The design, the darkness, all of that was lovely. And there seemed to be a fairly mixed crowd, or at least some girls back there from the hood. So, I tried their dinner on Friday night. And I was really let down.

They have a rock shrimp appetizer that was full of bland boring noodles and shrimp bits. They have an ahi tuna appetizer that tasted chewey and salty. The Jumbo Sea Scallops were good, cooked well, but the pumpkin dumpling underneat were a little too soggy, despite their tasty filling.

Service was a bit spotty, we got an apology from our server because two busers called off, but the food just wasn't worth it. But, I will come back for drinks in the future, and maybe give another appetizer or two a whirl.

If you wanna eat good in the boystown hood, head to Jack's. Still the best meal I have had there, I think.

Grade: C


I have been to this Wicker Park spot twice, and just found out the owner if the owner of Thai Lagoon, which I also reviewed.

Rodan is a small hip place, but almost too streamlined and clean-cut for most Wicker Parkers, I think. The menu is all pretty reasonably prices asian, south american fusion type stuff. I have had the wasabi tempura fries twice and they are super good. I had the Argentinian beef this most recent time, and the flavor was great, but the beef came out well when I ordered it medium rare, when they redid it it was still pretty much medium well.

Despite this, the decor and atmosphere makes it a fun, laid-back, yet somehow still intimate spot for dinner.

Grade: B



Cazwell is a gay rapper from NYC. I am sure most of you haven't heard of him before, but you should. He is dirty and hot and awesome. He is the male voice on Avenue D's song "The Sex that I Need," which is where I first heard him and fell in love right away.

I saw him host a night in NYC called BoysRoom, with Amanda Lepore, who is also super hot. And he was looking so good. I would let Cazwell do anything he wanted to me, and I usually don't even like white boys.

Anyway, check him out on his website www.cazwell.com. Can't wait til he finally releases a CD.

Grade: B (Cazwell didn't e-mail me back or approve me as his Friendster)


So, I had reservations to eat at Nine in the West Loop on Saturday night. And everyone had told me and what I had heard was that it was a hip, more laid back steakhouse. Still expensive as the others, but trendy and shit. So, I went there in jeans and was totally turned down. I mean, this is not Gibson's or something like that.

I know I should have checked to see if they have a dress code, but whatever, I looked good. I hate restaurants with dress codes. And no restaurant in the West Loop should tell you that you cant' wear jeans.

So, I didnt' eat at Nine, but let me tell you, this place sucks.

Grade: D (OK, I sorta am a little tempted cuz it looked hot inside!)


I had brunch yesterday at NoMi, the restaurant in the Park Hyatt on Michigan Avenue. Amazing!! We had one of the great window tables they have there that looks out on Michigan Avenue. And the dining room is really beautiful.

And the brunch buffet is set up with a few different stations. There is a sushi station with amazing sushi and huge skrimps and crab claws and oysters. Oh, and ceviche. And a salad station with basic salad fixin's and some really good pate, smoked cured ham with an array of mustards. And a basic breakfast station with french toast and pancakes and bacon and sausage. Then a dessert station with about 20 choices of bite-sized treats.

But, on top of this, you still order an entree from the menu. I had their egg bennie. So f'ing yummy. Served with spinach and lobster chunks. But, the hollandaise sauce was the best ever in my life.

So, yeah, this places is really great. Brunch is about 50 bucks a person, but mine was totally free, but if I had the money I would go back like every single week.

Grade: A


Being told I look like...

(special guest contributor Olivia here)
So, recently I have heard some people compare me to some famous folks. It could be this new haircut I got at Supercuts...I don't know?

To those of you who said I look like Dee Snider, that is just really mean. I am a lady and he is so not pretty.

To those who said I look like Sarah Jessica Parker. Thank you. I agree.

To those of you said I look like Christina Aguillera, well, I just don't know how to feel about that. Confused I guess...

Grade: Dee: D
Xtina: C


So, the lip situation is on its way to being resolved. I should have known right away to just get more Vaseline.

It sounds cheap and nasty, but after I went through my Carmex addiction, I stuck to just plain vaseline when my lips got a tad dry. And this morning I went and got a little tube of it and, viola, I am nearly healed. Just the product I need.

I remember being a kid and having a huge jug of it in our house that we would all stick our fingers in and use on our lips. Is that weird? What is weird is that I also totally used it to masturbate a little later on in life.

Grade: A+


So, if you are reading this and love my blog and happen to be filthy rich, please keep reading.

I am not the best person when it comes to money. I made some spending mistakes earlier in life and still don't budget as well, but do have a budget for the first time in my life. So, I have this huge amount of debt that I owe. It is embarassing, really.

So, if you are rich and want to help me out with the full amount, let me know. Or if you have $7,450 that you could part with right away, I am your man.

Grade: D (Not an F cuz I know it is my own damn fault)


Uncommon Ground

I ride the bus past here all the time, but went there for brunch this past weekend. It was really great, if not a bit overpriced.

I had some benedict thing with red peppers and carmelized onions and sausage on it that was so f'ing good. and I had bites of other people's stuff that rocked, too.

I don't feel like typing much, but take my word for it...this place is good...

Where do you like to go for brunch?

Grade: B+

Chapped Lips

My lips are all chapped this week. There are a few factors that caused this:
- I wore lipstick
- I drank too much
- The air is dry/weather stuff

So, all this ads up to me having some chapped lip issues. But, I am freaked out because I recently started using Chapstick stuff, and that I think is causing the problem. See, I used to have an addiction to Carmex...well, I won't get into that story.

But, anyway, my lips feel to' up!

Grade: F