Mondays on NBC

Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip don't seem to have a ton in common at first glance, but they are a really great Monday night pairing. They have restored my faith in the hour-long scripted television show (joining Grey's Anatomy) and both are about coming to the rescue.

Heroes is the story of a group around the world who finds themselves having powers or gifts like teleportation, invincibility, the ability to fly. And there are lots of clues and pieces of why this is happening. I have no idea what direction the show is headed in, but I loved the first episode, despite some cheesy stuff. It is X-men at a slower pace and more human interaction and fewer special effects.

And Studio 60 is even better. It is the Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) dramady about two writers brought in by a new studio President to save a failing sketch comedy show. The first two episodes were totally original and exciting yet low-key and not trying to pack too much into the premise but still delivering about 15 really awesome characters.

I love Mondays!

Grade: Studio 60: A
Heroes: A-



Talking to me while I pee in public

I am a bit pee shy.

So, it is not cool when I am pissing in a public toity and you lean over and say "You know what they say, you don't buy beer, your rent it!"

Don't talk to me!

Grade: D-


Pulling Taffy

This stream-of-conciousness look at the life of a sort of drug addicted hustler who hops from NYC to Boston to San Fran and Seattle is a really quick read. It was just what I was looking for in-between some more serious books; smutty yet insightful.

I can't say it is the best literature ever, but I am really intrigued by this novel/memoir blur that this young author wrote.

Grade: B


Bistro Campagne

Last weekend the bf had a craving for escargot, so we went up to Lincoln Square and ate at Bistro Campagne. Yummers in the tummers!

He started out with the escargot and then had some pork dish (I was too into mine to remember) and then I had the roasted chicken entree with pate as an appetizer.

I never ever order chicken at restaurants. Just seems boring, but this roasted chicken with a mushroom ragout and onion frites was to die for. I couldn't get over how good chicken could taste. Fresh, full of more flavor than the best organic chicken I get in the grocery store and moist and jam-packed with flavor the whole way through.

If you are looking for a great French bistro in a great neighborhood, this is the place to be.

Grade: A




Friday night we had dinner with my friend Bruce after his dance performance. We went to his restaurant he works at, called Fixture, which he should be proud to call his place of employment.

I was skeptical about the place and the concept, just because I am not big on the whole "small plates" thing. And even when I walked in, it seemed really hip and nice, but a little too over the top "cool" for me.

But, the food was really great. Bruce ordered and we had samples of lots of things on the menu. Overall, really great, with a couple of favs and a couple I probably wouldn't get again. The cold tempura goat cheese and asparagus roll wasn't doing much for me. And I loved the cheese on the carpaccio plate, but the carpaccio didn't have tons of flavor. But that was just a couple of the many dishes we had. The first salad course of their special bacon menu was amazing, as were the perfectly cooked and powerfully flavored buffalo sliders. As a matter of fact, nearly every hot plate was really great. The short ribs were perfect with the kimchee. And the churros that we had for dessert were one of the yummiest deserts around.

Servers were friendly, the vibe is good, and the owner was so nice and great. Don't miss this hip, yummy spot. Thanks Bruce!

Grade: B+


Yo Mamma Jokes

I love Yo Mamma jokes. I had forgett then exist until this past Saturday when we started telling them.

Please reply with your best "Yo Mamma" joke.

If you are at a loss, check here: http://www.ahajokes.com/yo_momma_jokes.html

Grade: B (cuz lots of them are really bad)


Survivor: Cook Island

I haven't watched Survivor for a few years. I just got bored.

But, this season, they are dividing the tribes up by race. A black tribe, white tribe, asian and latino tribe.

I already have my fav for the season, cuz I think he's dreamy: Ben.

Grade: Ben gets an A, Survivor gets a B- because I am still unsure how this will work out.



United 93

All the reviews were right. This movie is really amazing. It is a simple approach to telling the story of September 11, but talk about an emotional blow. I spent the whole second half of the movie crying.

Despite how moving the movie is, I didn't feel like Paul Greengrass was manipulating my emotions. He just told the story like it is, didn't overdramatize or give a lot of political commentary. It was just like watching events unfold that day, which is actually more terrifying and impactful than watching something that looks like a movie.

This movie is going to be hard to beat as my favorite of the year. But, the best review I read of this movie called it "the best movie ever that I hated," because of how hard it is to watch.

Grade: A+



I finally checked out HB, the Hearty Boys spot on Halsted. HB is the restaurant from the gay boys who have a show on Food Network.

I had stayed away from this place and not made a visit because the menu just wasn't exciting me too much. But, boy, was I wrong.

My bf took me there on a whim on Saturday night. A super sweet treat and we were really pleased.

He started out with the soft-shell crab on salad of watermelon, feta and mint. I had the pate plate. For entrees, I had the pork loin with a cherry bbq sauce and he had the quail. Then we shared the mini-cupcake flight. A honey lavender, a tagerine and a chocolate caramel.

The meal was overall really great. Wonderful dishes that were unique but still fairly simple. And BYO, to boot!

Thanks, Hearty Boys!

Grade: A-



Project Runway - Week 9

Sorry. I am a couple of days late. I am just not feeling my blog right now.

Wednesday was bittersweet for me. I was sad to see tattoo-neck win but glad to see that gross crazy horn-dog who gets off on every outfit he makes get the boot.

And finally a normal challenge where we get to see some normal dresses.

Grade: B+




I went to this place over a week ago and forgot to blog about it. This is on Halsted south of Belmont. The food was done well, and gets raves from a lot of regulars. But, nothing really stood out as memorable or innovative.

The decor was a bit odd. The mural around around the walls threw me off. And the clientele was pretty old. But, if you have meat and potatoe loving parents from out of town this place is the place to go.

I had a pork chop just because that is supposidely their best-known dish. It was a really good pork chop, but just a really normal pork chop.

Grade: B+



Janie makes the final four

Yes, this really is Janelle from BB7. She is SO f'ing hot, I wanna bang her!

On top of her slammin' bod, Janie also is amazing in the show: she does great at competitions, she has somehow managed to go from being enemy number one in the house pretty much the whole season to being in the final four.

I hope that her and Will do it hard before the show's end and they show it.

I think I have a crush on a buxom blonde woman. Is that weird?

Grade: A+


Drunken Karaoke

I got wastedzies last night and ended up at a dyke bar singing Laid by James and It's the End of the World As We Know It. And I don't feel fine this morning.

Melzies sang These Boots are Made for Walking, her karaoke solo debut and the bf sang The Rose by Bette Midler (I wish I were kidding) and The One I Love by R.E.M.

We were all so bad....it rocked.

And that is a photo of Mr. Michael Stipe above.

Grade: Our karaoke performances: C-
My hangover: F
The McDonalds breakfast sammy: B+
Getting drunk and arguing with my bf about nothing: F
The night overall: A (I know that isn't really the average of the grades above, but whatevs)