Bistro Campagne

Last weekend the bf had a craving for escargot, so we went up to Lincoln Square and ate at Bistro Campagne. Yummers in the tummers!

He started out with the escargot and then had some pork dish (I was too into mine to remember) and then I had the roasted chicken entree with pate as an appetizer.

I never ever order chicken at restaurants. Just seems boring, but this roasted chicken with a mushroom ragout and onion frites was to die for. I couldn't get over how good chicken could taste. Fresh, full of more flavor than the best organic chicken I get in the grocery store and moist and jam-packed with flavor the whole way through.

If you are looking for a great French bistro in a great neighborhood, this is the place to be.

Grade: A



Anonymous jimmy said...

"the boyfriend." it's almost like talking to garth brooks in third person.

i am prompted to respond: mfhnlkx. blogspot didn't like my typing skills so let me retort: qqravxk.

3:30 AM, October 14, 2006  

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