Friday night we had dinner with my friend Bruce after his dance performance. We went to his restaurant he works at, called Fixture, which he should be proud to call his place of employment.

I was skeptical about the place and the concept, just because I am not big on the whole "small plates" thing. And even when I walked in, it seemed really hip and nice, but a little too over the top "cool" for me.

But, the food was really great. Bruce ordered and we had samples of lots of things on the menu. Overall, really great, with a couple of favs and a couple I probably wouldn't get again. The cold tempura goat cheese and asparagus roll wasn't doing much for me. And I loved the cheese on the carpaccio plate, but the carpaccio didn't have tons of flavor. But that was just a couple of the many dishes we had. The first salad course of their special bacon menu was amazing, as were the perfectly cooked and powerfully flavored buffalo sliders. As a matter of fact, nearly every hot plate was really great. The short ribs were perfect with the kimchee. And the churros that we had for dessert were one of the yummiest deserts around.

Servers were friendly, the vibe is good, and the owner was so nice and great. Don't miss this hip, yummy spot. Thanks Bruce!

Grade: B+



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