The Queen

The Queen is the story of the Queen's reaction to Princess Di's death in 1997. Hellen Mirren really is wonderful in this movie, and can't imagine the Academy not recognizing her. So far, she seems like the best choice for the win.

The feel of the movie is a little bit funny, and I mean that in a good way. Is it a political satire? Is it a heartfelt family drama? Is it political fiction? I left not knowing what to think. I couldn't lump it into any one genre, but that was just fine with me.

I really want to know how the Brits responded to this movie.

So far, Hellen is my top choice to take home the Oscar, but I can't say I want the movie to be nominated for Best Picture, even though I enjoyed it.

Grade: B




Stay away! Adesso is a mess-o.

I checked out this new Boystown Italian spot last night. And it blew. A ton. I had some squash soup that was really good, but that is where it ended. The bf got some mussels to start and they tasted really gross and not fresh and not even well flavored.

For entrees he had some 18 dollar spaghetti and shellfish thingy and I had their burger with an arugula pesto and provolone served with fries with basil aioli. The spaghetti had no flavor, the seafood was all overcooked. And my burger was medium on the inside like I ordered, but the outside tasted like burnt charcoal.

On top of this, the server did something really annoying. He came over and asked my bf to take his fork and knife out of the mussels when he took it away. My bf asked if he could have a plate or napkin to set them on. The waiter said something like "Well, I guess I can just bring you other silverware." That was stupid. Just bring more if you need to.

I won't be back ever and I advise you to stay away. It sucked.

Grade: D


Old Timey Weekend

I spent 4 nights in Wisconsin with 7 others this past weekend. We rented a small house on a lake in Hustisford, Wisconsin.

Overall, it was a ton of fun and a great time. We drank, talked, played games, rowed around the lake, had a bonfire, cooked, went to a pumpkin patch/apple farmey place and just relaxed.

The only down side was that we didn't get the place we thought we would and we had to cram into a small place. That wasn't too fun.

Grade: A-



The Fountain

Not only did this movie stink, but the auditorium where it was being shown did as well.

Before I talk about the movie, I need to mention how stinky the theater was. As soon as the movie started, someone started to fart near us. And not just like one or two stinky farts. Every five minutes there was this horrible smell that I have never smelled anything like in my life, but that I imagine being close to the smell of dead babies. And it never stopped. Me and my bf literally had his scarf wrapped around our heads.

But, the movie was a stinker too. Darron Aronofsky, who did Requiem for a Dram and Pi, was there and did a little q&a. But, this story of time travel, eternal life and love, starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, went nowhere and was a total dud to me. It wasn't fun, the actors seemed distant and aloof and unsure of what they were supposed to be in the movie.

I loved Requiem for a Dream, a lot, and I love Rachel Weisz, so I thought I might really enjoy this despite some negative reviews out there.

I was pretty bored by it and spent more time trying to figure out who the culprit was in the audience was and why they hadn't left or shit their pants yet.

Grade: D




I was able to get a sneak peek at Babel this weekend. The movie doesn't come out until some time in November, but I saw it as part of the Chicago International Film Festival.

I really loved it.

The director of 21 Grams and Ammeres Perros delivers his third movie and this one is more powerful, well-thought out and impactful than either of his previous movies.

This is for sure staying on my Best Picture top 5 list for as long as I can keep it there, and I see it making the cut based on how great it is and how much buzz it is getting.

I don't want to give too much away, but if you trust my taste in movies and such, I urge you to check it out.

But, on another note. The film festival setting sort of bothered me. We were crammed in an auditorium, not a theater. There were annoying film people there. It was sold out. People laugh at weird parts.

And the director was there. Which sounds really cool. But, alas, it wasn't. He was great and I am sure he had wonderful things to say, but the guy asking the questions was such an ass and asked some really terrible stupid questions. So, I couldn't take it and stood up and left.

Grade: A



Yoshi's Cafe

Yoshi's has been around for about 20 years, I think. And in the three years I have been here, I just made it there for the first time last night.

It is a Boystown staple and is some sort of French/Japanese fusion mix. And while I liked it, I didn't enjoy it enough to hurry back any time soon.

See, I love new restaurants, so I have to be pretty wowed to want to venture to a semi-expensive place multiple times.

We were celebrating my bf's new job. Hooray!

We started with a sea scallop starter and a tuna tartar. For entrees we did a wagyua beef brisket and the bf had the rack of lamb. Mine came with pumpkin ravioli and sweet potato puree stuff in this really amazing red wine sauce. The bf's came with this eggplant and goat cheese puree that he didn't like and looked like cat food.

The food was all done really well, but I had a hard time finding one entree that I really wanted both the mail part and the sides that came with it. And I am not picky at all.

It ain't a bad place, just not my fav in Boystown.

Grade: B-



I bought these veggies this week from the farmers market. Having heard of them often, I thought I could do something fancy and gourmet with them.

I found a chicken dish, prepared it with my friend Ryan, and it tasted like...nothing! They are bland and boring and I would never make that dish again.

I may try sunchokes again and do like a puree or something, which I have seen in restaurants.

This is one weird veggie. Don't try it at home.

Grade: D


Not posting

I haven't been posting lately. I am so so sorry, but work has gotten busier and I, frankly, have gotten less exciting. I am so so sorry and hope to be back and feeling the blogging love soon.

Grade: D


Chargenda vs Naivehelga

I just had a wedding, my stepbrothers, this weekend that I was at and got to see Naivehelga after a couple of years of not seeing one another.

She did pros and cons, so I will do the same.

- Seeing Amanda. She looked fabulous and when I did a scan of the wedding party she had my fav dress by far. She looked slammin'
- Seeing my neice who I don't get to see too often.
- Lots of bad wedding dancing to watch
- Seeing most of my family.
- My grandma and grandpa slow dancing together. It was really sweet and probably the last time they will ever do that.
- Did I mention seeing Amanda? That rocked...

- The come to Jesus speech during dinner
- My stepmother getting very snippy with me and pissing me offf
- The cash-only bar. I didn't even have any drinks.
- The best man speech which was a plug for his business he owns.
- The long lonely drive to get there.

Grade: C +