Stay away! Adesso is a mess-o.

I checked out this new Boystown Italian spot last night. And it blew. A ton. I had some squash soup that was really good, but that is where it ended. The bf got some mussels to start and they tasted really gross and not fresh and not even well flavored.

For entrees he had some 18 dollar spaghetti and shellfish thingy and I had their burger with an arugula pesto and provolone served with fries with basil aioli. The spaghetti had no flavor, the seafood was all overcooked. And my burger was medium on the inside like I ordered, but the outside tasted like burnt charcoal.

On top of this, the server did something really annoying. He came over and asked my bf to take his fork and knife out of the mussels when he took it away. My bf asked if he could have a plate or napkin to set them on. The waiter said something like "Well, I guess I can just bring you other silverware." That was stupid. Just bring more if you need to.

I won't be back ever and I advise you to stay away. It sucked.

Grade: D



Blogger carl d said...

OMG, why do they not just replace the silverware or give you enough. I love it (not really) when I go to a nice restaurant and they tell me to "hang on to your fork", no you hang on to it, where am I cracker barrel?

11:03 AM, October 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I could not agree more and you know I never agree with your reviews. I had a similar Adesso experience. I was just telling Korrey how much the place sucked.


9:19 PM, October 28, 2006  
Anonymous jimmy said...

c-genda... there were five of us who went friday, and we thought the food and service was great... they must know that they're getting a bad reputation because they seemed to have put a lot of effort in pleasing us that night. the gnocchi was incredibly good. the ched even came out and wanted to know if i thought the vegetarian special i ordered was good or not. i'd go back again.

7:18 AM, November 20, 2006  

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