Talking to me while I pee in public

I am a bit pee shy.

So, it is not cool when I am pissing in a public toity and you lean over and say "You know what they say, you don't buy beer, your rent it!"

Don't talk to me!

Grade: D-


Blogger Michael said...

I guess you can't use the man trough at Wrigley field either huh?

I have the same problem!

12:54 PM, September 22, 2006  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

I have heard about the man trough at Wrigley Field and I am very intrigued to see/use it although I am a bit pee shy myself.

But getting back to the subject at hand, I completely detest people that dare even say "what's up dude" while I am urinating.

1:59 PM, September 23, 2006  
Blogger bishopj said...

I love your blog! We have a lot in common! Oh, and the bladder freeze issue...I soooo relate!
Pop by my blog I think you'll like it!

5:55 AM, September 25, 2006  
Blogger Michael said...

A friend of mine recently told me he and his boyfriend have gotten to the point of their relationship where they are comfortable pooping in front of each other. I found that to be rather disturbing personally.

Hey Charlie, check out my Auto-Gratification blog in a bit. Your post has totally reminded me of an ad I saw recently that was hilarious. I will post it on my blog here in a short while.

(the other Michael)

10:55 PM, September 25, 2006  
Anonymous jimmy said...

my boss and i discuss the demise of christianity in corporate america when we're taking leaks.

3:21 AM, October 14, 2006  
Blogger Toad734 said...

Agreed, and can we get some dividers in the mens restrooms? You never see a womens restroom without them? Its just sexist. What, just because you have a dick that automatically means you want everyone on the planet to watch you piss?

The worst is the circular trough at the Indy 500. Yes its a circle and you can see the guy opposite of you piss.

1:51 PM, October 23, 2006  

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