All About Oscar

Big ups to Brady for sending me this book. After he won his office Oscar pool using all my picks, he sent this to me. (Even thougth I sort of asked for a reward, it was really sweet and a great original idea)

Now, don't run out and buy this book unless you really really love the Oscars. It is a big thick, pictureless book that give lots of stats and history on Oscar races and the show. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, but I think half of it stayed in my brain for like two minutes.

The downside is that it tends to repeat itself. I would use it as a resource in the future, but the thing is that these books become quickly outdated year after year.

But, I would say that if you are a Oscar buff, this is worth checking out.

Thanks Brady!

Grade: B


Bad CTA Breath

I can deal with some nasty shit on the train. But, today I got really grossed out. There was a couple that looked like they hadn't showered in a few weeks standing by the door and making out hard core and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. It was so grody and was sort of making my stummy churn.

And this was topped off by a guy behind me who yawned, but this was no average yawn.

Right after his yawn I got a whiff of the nastiest breath ever. It was like poop and rotten food and mothballs all rolled up into one. And the guy just yawned and it carried a seat away to my nose.

It was not a good train ride.

Grade: F


Stephen on Top Chef

I know that a lot of your regular readers are not following this show, but I really really like it. It is basically Project Runway with food.

And my pick for the winner, Stephen, was given the boot last night, the same night as my ANTM initial pick for winner was sent packing.

Yes, Stephen was a total asshole. But, his food looked amazing and I wanted to eat the stuff he made most of the time. I can't argue that he shouldn't have gone, because his arrogance got in the way of his performance, and he ridiculed every other contestant.

But, the weirdest thing about Stephen is that my bofyriend is convinced we somehow resemble each other. I don't really think so at all.

Grade: B-


Max Minghella

This man is so hot. It is Max Minghella who hasn't done much other than Bee Season and Syriana and was fathered by the director, Anthony Minghella.

For real he is so hot. I don't know why I keep posting these entries about famous people I think are cute. I am usually so not like that. I guess it is spring and I am in heat.

But, you bet your ass that I will be in line when Art School Confidential releases here May 12.

Grade: A

Nnenna on ANTM

WTF, ANTM? I know that Nnenna had sort of underperformed the last week or two, but she keeps winning these challenges and is so hot and so good at handling herself. Tyra is so messed up in the head. I think she just draws names out of hat on who should go. Sara is so ready to go and should have been going, or Jade who is bat shit crazy.

At first I really wanted Nnenna to win it, but now I am hoping for Joanie.

And the highlight of the recap show was the list of words that Jade has made up during the show. Here are just a few:
  • Analystic
  • Decipheration
  • Tornness
  • Arrogantness
  • Dwelve
  • Brunetteness
  • Withhandle
  • Intake
  • Releasement
  • Derrogatoriness
  • Considerating

Grade: C for getting rid of Nnenna now



Bumping into Daniel V.

I can't believe I forgot to post this until now.

Last Friday I was out for my roomate's birthday. And at the bar we happened to see a certain Project Runway finalist sitting across the bar.

We figured we had a valid reason to go up to him and ask for our photo to be taken with him, my roomates birthday. So, we went up to him like a bunch of assholes and a couple of Daniel's friends had their picture taken with Daniel, my roomate, and my boyfriend.

My fav part was when my boyfriend, who really was let down by his final collection on the show, said "I just LOVED your final collection."

Grade: B+ (I felt like a stalker and bad for bugging him)



I am sort of bad at meeting deadlines. I have a whole bunch of stuff that I need to get done by last Friday for work. And it is Wednesday of this week....

I just let the pressure mount and then freak out and get all the work done. Today I am freaking out.

Grade: D


Bubba Gump Shrip Co.

That little shrimp on the Bubba Gump logo is smiling because he knows he just totally screwed you over if you ate his restaurant. You paid way too much for shitty food in a tacky atmosphere.

My aunt was in town last night and we made plans to have dinner. When I showed up at her hotel she wanted to walk to Navy Pier and eat at Bubba Gump's. I haven't been to Navy Pier once since I have lived in Chicago and really had no desire to head there, either.

But, she wanted it, so we went there. We had this cheese and artichoke appetizer that was SO greasy we had to send it back and ask for another one. The second one was only a teeny bit less greasy, and you had to let the grease drip off a scoop of the dip before you could eat it. Nast.

And I had a mahi mahi and shrimp dish over rice with some super sweet sauce on it. The fish and shrimp weren't horrible, but the sauce was SO sweet and overpowering.

Bad service. Lots of tourists. Dissapointing food. Not much to like about the place, other than the tasty lemonade I had there.

Grade: D-



I am a sucker for any new drinks, see my Vault review from earlier. So, when I heard about this new Coke drink, I really wanted to give it a try.

I work on Michigan Avenue, and they love to give out new products along the strip. Energy drinks, candy bars, breakfast bars and chewing gum are just some of the items I have been handed for free. So, it was no surprise when I was handed a small bottle of Blak last week, the new coffee infused coke product.

This is nast. It tastes just like it says. Sugary Coca-Cola with a splash of coffee flavor up in there. And the two dont' go together. I wasn't sure with the first sip of it, but it was soon clear just how vile this stuff is.

Oh, but I finished the whole bottle.

Grade: D-


Burberry Polo?

Quick, I have an urgent poll for my readers. You have like two hours to weight in before I decide.

I really really want this Burberry polo shirt from the Burberry story down the streetn. But, it is 85 bucks. Is that too much for this basic polo that has the cute Burberry plaid on the button up area?

I have been thinking about this navy polo for about a week.

Grade: ????

Angel's vs. Platiyo

I had dinner at Mexican restaurants two nights in a row. Last night I was at Angel's, on Clark in Andersonville, and the night before I was at Platiyo, on Clark in Lakeview.

It was my first trip to Platiyo, and probably 5th or 6th trip to Angel's.

Let's start with Platiyo. The inside is really cute. Day of the Deal stuff all over and lots of bright Mexican colors without being tacky. Loved the decor. The menu was a bit pricey, but whatever, I am totally up for paying for good mexican food.

We ordered two margaritas, and when we got them, the stems of the glasses were super sticky. It was nasty. So, I told the guy, he promptly changed them, and when we finished them, he gave us each another free margarita and a little mini-pitcher. That was really great of the guy and more than made up for the mistake with the nasty glasses.

We shared an appetizer platter and then split a burrito that we couldn't even finish. All of it was really great and above average Mexican.

But, one additional complaint, the chips were sort of soggy in the middle. They hadn't been fried long enough.

Oh, and the argument me and the bf had at dinner wasn't fun either.

Now for Angel's. This place totally blows. But, I keep going back there. It is possibly the worst Mexican food I have ever had. Bland and boring. So, why do I keep going back? I love their patio and I love their margaritas, which always knock me on my ass.

So, last night I just stuck to fried appetizers: mushrooms, cheese sticks and buffalo wings with the bf. They weren't bad, but how can you f up fried stuff.

And, we went there with my friend Mel's new bf, who totally rocks and we had a blast with.

Platiyo: B+

Angel's: D- for the food, B for the margs and patio

Mel's new bf: A


Signature Room

I ate lunch at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building yesterday. I have been up there for drinks a few times, but never eaten at the resaurant.

I am pscyhotic about doing lots of research into a place before I go. Finding menus, reading reviews, etc. So, I sort of knew what I was in for. A great view with mediocre food.

Well, that is what I got. The food was SO boring, and three of us all had to get more dressing for our salad, and I am not a guy who likes a shit-ton of dressing. The shrimp on my salad were rubbery, and immediately after lunch I had an urgent need to use the toity.

I will be back, but just for their overpriced drinks again, not food.

Grade: C for food A for the amazing view


For anyone who reads my blog often, you know I don't get all gay-crushy too often. But, after seeing a few Madonna performances and videos, I thought this guy was super cute. And today I just found out who he was.

He is hot, but he looks even hotter in his street-garb red jacket and wifebeater outfit that he wears at awards shows and what-not with Madonna.

And this has been your gay-crush moment.

Grade: A


Brooke on ANTM

Buh-Bye Brookie. Finally, they got rid of her after her string of really bad photo shoots. I really like her looks after the first episode, but it became clear for like three weeks in a row that she just needed to go.

And Joanie looked great once her toofs got did. At the same time, I was proud of Danielle for sticking to her guns (or sticking to her gums?) and not getting her teeth did. She looks cute with them, and she shouldn't give in to the pressure.

It is going to be intense from here on out, because everyone who is left is someone I could see making it to the end somehow.

Grade: B+



Celebrity Cooking Showdown

So, these are the three "celebritites" that were on the Celebrity Cooking Showdown last night on NBC. I saw some previews for it and am a sucker for cooking shows of any type.

It sort of blew. They tried to make it all excited. It wasn't. They tried to make it look like a major major challenge. It wasn't. They just tried too hard. This ain't no Iron Chef.

But, I was hoping Allison Sweeney, aka Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives, would win. She didn't.

What is even more silly is that this thing goes on all week with a final round on Thursday that we get to vote for. How the hell does a viewer vote for the winner of a cooking challenge? We can't taste the food.

But, I am guessing that after the show that big hot football man slammed both these gal's self cleaning ovens for a while.

Grade: C (But I will probably watch it again tonight)



Where to go?

OK, readers, I need your help. The BF and I are talking about a long weekend in May someplace. Right now we are sort of torn between Vancouver, Seattle and Savannah, GA.

Of these three where would you? What's your vote? Been to any of them?

Grade: All seem like an A to me

Chargenda with glasses

I went to the eye doctor last night for more contacts, because I was wearing a contact with a tear in it for the past three days and realized I didn't have a replacement tear.

I am really bad about taking my contacts out at night and generally just sleep wit them in. So that I don't go blind later in life I plan on getting these glasses and wearing them to give my eyes a rest and at home at night.

The photo below is a picture of the actual glasses I am getting next week.

They looked OK on me, but I just look like a tool in glasses overall because I have a big fat head.

Grade: B-


In MELmorium

So, this is MeMe, who had her blog Meme on the Make. She met a boy she likes and pulled the plug on her blog. It was really awesome and I loved reading it ever day.

So sad that MeMe on the Make is no more. I already missed hearing about her getting her cooter slammed on a daily basis online. I just have to hear about it in person now.

And I need to take her link down from my site soon. So sad.

Grade: F

Leslie on ANTM

I wasn't suprised to see Leslie get the boot last night. She has been pretty unexciting this whole time and not really stuck out. You would have guessed that Brooke would have gotten the boot.

Not much else to say about that...

Grade: B


Broken Flowers

I just knew I wouldn't be into this movie. And I was right.

This is Bill Murray, playing basically the same character from Lost in Translation. His character is sent on a mission by his neighbor to find a son that he has been told he has out there. So, he goes on a cross country journey and visits some old flames.

His character sort of does this out of boredom and is basically forced to go on this trip. So, my question is, why should I care if he doesn't even give a shit?

There are some great ladies in this playing some small parts, good acting, but none of them really knocked my socks off. Frances Conroy, Julie Delpy, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton, and some other really great ladies.

And I had a hunch the whole time, but just so you know going into it, none of the questions are answered.

Grade: D


Mollie Sue on ANTM

I know I am a week behind but I just checked out last weeks episode of ANTM last night, and I am PISSED OFF!

I mean, I really liked Mollie Sue, and she didn't do nearly as bad as some of the other people on the show that week. She was great at the improv and showed she had personality. She looked great in her photos and I really thought she was going to make it to the last few.

What the hell is Tyra thinking. I wish that crazy skank would have really passed out instead of faking it.

I can't believe they didn't send Jade home over her, or send gap-toothed Danielle or Brooke trout home.

F-you ANTM. If they get rid of someone who doesn't deserve to go yet today, then I am done.

Grade: D (I miss Project Runway where the eliminations make some sense)

Crate and Barrel Popcorn Popper

I bought this popper a couple of months back and have had the chance to use it a few times. When I firt got it I was in a bit of a bind and just sort of bought it on a whim because it was a gift and I needed to get something that day. I hadn't really used an old school stove top popper like this before.

But, it is well worth it. Every time it has been used there have been virtually no kernels left unpopped. And it make really great fresh tasting popcorn.

You have to turn the little handle to stir the corn while it is poppping to keep it in constant motion, but the effort is SO worth it.

Give this popper a whirl!

Grade: B+


Friends With Money

I knew since I heard about this movie I would like it. I mean, I loved Lovely & Amazing, also directed and writted by Nicole Holofcener, and I love the cast, especially Catherine Keener and Frances McDormond.

It is the story of three married friends who all are pretty well off, and the fourth single friend, Aniston, who not so well off and cleans homes for a living. Like in Lovely & Amazing, there isn't a ton that happens, it is these little scenes of everyday life that are handled perfectly by Holofcener and her cast.

The downside of seeing this movie was getting there late with a sold out crowd and sitting in the second row where I had to look straight up and move my head left to right. It was annoying.

Even with that obstacle, I loved this movie.

Grade: A




I love cheese really hard, and I have stopped in a few times at Pastoral, at 2945 N. Broadway, a few times before, but hadn't really purchased anything.

But, a couple weeks back, the bf and I bought a few hunks of cheese and some pate and ate that with some wine for dinner. It was great.

It is a cute little cheese and gourmet food store. Not too big, but lots of cheeses to offer. The staff was super helpful and friendly and let us try anything in there before we decided to buy it. And they knew their stuff really well, too. They also offer cheese classes, which sounds like a blast to me.

Grade: A


Duke of Perth

I used to hed to this place a lot when my friend was livign around the corner. And they always had good, reliable pub food. And for Scotch fans they have a huge variety of Scotch, since they are considered a Scottish pub.

I went there this Monday when I was looking for a place for a late dinner, and remembered their Monday special, buy one entree, get on free. A great deal!

So, I had a burger, with a fried egg and roasted red peppers on it. Yum! This was damn good for as weird as it sounds. The fries are not my favorite around, they are the soggy kind you get in the UK at most places that soak up vinegar. The bf had the fish and chips and they are really good there, I have had them before. But, he ordered some soup to start, and it was literally cold when it came out. And the waitress acted annoyed that we were bothering her and explaided that the soup heater had been on the fritz. So, wouldnt she notice that the soup wasn't warm before she served it?

But, you can't beat two meals on a Monday night for about 12 bucks.

Grade: B

Never Let Me Go

What is it with me and not liking Brit authors? I have read some really great reviews of this book and was excited about checking it out.

Ishiguro became famous when he wrote Remain of the Day, turned into the movie. And this book is a departure from that. It is the story of a group of kids who are raised in a boarding school, but telling you much beyond that sort of takes the surprises away. You find out quickly, these aren't normal kids, and they are there for a purpose. The story is really fascinating, and in the hands of a different author, I could have loved it.

But, the writing style was a tad dry. The way these secrets were revealed seems understated, and it just seemed sort of drab and well, British.

I wouldn't recommend the book unless you are a big reader and always looking for something new to check out, otherwise, skip it.

Grade: C+



Thank You for Smoking

I had heard good stuff about this movie and wasn't let down. This satire is the story of a tobacco spokesperson who works to defend the tobacco industry, and if finding himself increasingly under attack from anti-tobacco advocates, which is what I used to do for a living.

Aaron Eckhart is really great as Nick, and the movie was really funny and clever, but not too over the top. He lunches with two other spokespeople, one who defends booze, the other guns.

It really was pretty great, but one little thing bugged me a ton. There was a scene at lunch when they were eating a piece of pie with cheese on it. Maria Bello tears into the pie and the cheese clearly falls of the pie and isn't that melted. But int he next scene it is back in place, and becomes a focal point of the scene, and this sort of slip should have been caught, especially if there were going to pay that much attention to the pie. It really bugged me!

Also, if anyone goes pay attention, I don't think anybody smokes during the entire movie.

Grade: B+


Computer Troubles

I had an f'd up computer at work. And I do most of my blogging from work, so I was out of comission for a while. My hard drive died and I had to wait for a new one. Maybe because I was blogging and IM'ing too much.

But, I am back, look for a few new posts today.

Grade: F