Big Love

I have fallen for this HBO series. Anybody out there seen it?

It is a really amazing cast. Bill Paxton plays a polygomist who is married to Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. They have left behind the traditional Mormon community to live in the burbs in three houses. Sevigny is especially amazing in it. And it has a supporting cast that is wonderful.

Check it out!

Grade: A-


My ads

You may have noticed that there is that sort of annoying banner on the top of my page. That is part of the google ad program. All I have to do is place the banner there and wait for folks to click on the links, and I make a little bit of money.

I know it is lame to have my blog go commercial, and I don't get tons of visitors, but just take a second here and there and check out these advertisers. They try and post stuff relevant to my blog, I guess.

So, sorry for selling out, but just click on the link, baby!

Grade: B


The Night Listener

I have this aversion to gay authors and gay novels. And I started to read Maupin's Tales of the City once before and just couldn't get into it. But, I was hard upf or something to read at Jhun's the other day and stumbled on this and started.

It was good, but something I doubt will stick with me too long. It is the story of an author who wrote a series of successful books about gay life in San Francisico (sound familiar) who get wrapped up in the life of a boy in the Midwest who has written his own novel. The boys novel chronicles his experience being raped and abused when he was young, and now he is dying of AIDS. The main character starts a long series of phone calls with the boy, but things get interesting when he starts to doubt the validity of the boys story.

I thought I could have really liked the book, but I was upset about just how much goes unanswered.

I would say check it out if you read a lot and are always looking for something new, otherwise, skip it.

Grade: C+


Old Ebbitt Grill

The Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th St. in DC is an institution. It is about a block from the White House and on any given night is full of lobbyists and political types. But, I never made it there when I lived there. And I was glad to be there on my DC visit. And, I got a glimpse of Condolizza Rice, who was in a booth in the main room, probably planning ways of making life hell for Democrats. Even though I can't stand the lady, I know she is a smart cookie, and a celebrity spotting is a celebrity spotting.

The restaurant was OK, but what sucked is my company. I was there for a meeting with other Illinois folks, and the conversation was boring, and I ended up in a booth with three boring white guys in suits talking about kids, and mortgages, and work, and sports, and making gross straight guy comments. It was torture, but I chit-chatted and tried to hang with these older married straight guys.

I had a tuna tartare appetizer, and rainbow trout for my entree. Really good, but all the other guys got the crab cakes, and they looked way better than my dish. Damn!

Grade: B-



This is the biggest shit sammy of a movie I have seen in a long long while. I knew that reviews for it were bad, but wowza!

It is so clunky and awkward that it is umbearable. People talk in ways that no humans, talk, and end up in situations that are trying so hard to be be "quirky" that it hurts. Orlando Bloom walks through the movie totally lifeless and not expressing, that you really don't care. And Kirst Dunst seriously shoudl think about getting social services checks for being mentally retarded.

I couldn't believe how poorly the movie flowed. I would rather watch a formulaic romantic comedy starring Sandy Bullock any day over this attempt at a new take on the romantic comedy.

Grade: D- (there were a few scenes that worked, and I love me some Paula Dean who is in it)


My Friends

Look! It's most of my best friends all on one couch! Aside from my roomate and best friend of 9 years or so, they are all my best friends here in Chicago. And my cute and awesome boyfriend is on the far right! I mean, don't they look like tons of fun! This is a big shout out to all my friends, even the ones who aren't in Chicago or aren't on that couch!

Grade: A+

Strip Clubs in DC

After a fantastic dinner, the bf and I decided to head south to the seedy strip clubs in DC. I used to live there and only made it to these places a handful of times. I was a little more reserved in those days, and really loved going there, but kept myself away.

See, in DC the stripper can get totally naked. It's awesome, cuz I love strippers, especially hot nekkie ones. The first place we went is in a seedy part of SE DC, and the night was Heat University. Most of the boys you see above where there, but I was dissapointed when I walked in to see them just as they are pictured there, with their underwear on. Turns out that now it is up to them if they feel like taking off and in the time we were there, most of them didn't. They were all sup friendly, and lots of them were twink-a-licious. But I only saw the dicks of maybe three of them. A shame.

After that we went to Wet, where I knew they got nude. It was sort of empty in there, but I was drunk at this point and didn't care. I gave out tons of bucks to the guys who walk around on the bar and swing around in on poles in the buff. And most of them had some huge schlongers.

All of this happy post has a sad end note, though. They are tearing these places down, which are all closing this week, I was told, to make way for a new stadium. Hopefully they will relocate to a better part of town and keep the naked boys coming!

Grade: naked strippers: A
tearing down their clubs: D


The highlight of my trip to DC was my dinner at Komi with my boyfriend. I knew that it was going to cost a pretty penny, but had read some great reviews and wanted to check it out.

This place, near the corner of P and 17th St. in NW DC, is owned by 25 year old chef Johnny Monis. The restaurant is Greek influenced, and ever dish was near perfection, which is saying a lot when about 12 dishes were placed on our table.

Sorry for being detailed, but I want to walk you through the experience:

- When we walked in the place was totally dead, we had a reservation at 6 pm, the best I could get when I called there four days before. And our server, Amy, greatet us and was a real treat the entire time. She was a great mix of fun and professional.

- The place is very miminally decorated. Cream walls and wooden tables, with one large wooden table when you first enter where they keep each tables wines and pitchers of water.

- We ordered a Greek wine that was pretty simple and go with lots of dishes. We ended up having two bottles during dinner, and were sorta drunk when we left.

- It is a 64 dollar a person tasting menu, consisting of five courses.

- The first course was all Greek appetizers. We started out with in-house cured olives, then some cured meats served with a kumquat side dish. Octopus with blood oranges, balls of deep fried cod, sardines wrapped around pine nuts, mozzarella that was made in house and chewiewer than most (and more flavorful), crustini with white beet and truffle tzatziki and dates with a mascarpone filling all were brought out. Most dishes were just one or two bites, and each had us making audible "mmm's" and commenting on how great they were. Most were simply, but simply amazing!

- Then we each had a pasta dish. Jhun had pappardelle pasta in a goat ragu, that I think was the best thing I tasted all night. The goat was slow roasted in milk and then turned into a cinnamon flavored sauce that was so rich in flavor. I had these little mini raviolis with rabbit and veal in them. Each pasta dish was also just a few bites and took into account all the food that was to come.

- For our main dish we had the roasted suckling pig for two. This was a big chunk of pork with some ribs, that literally fell off the bone when you touched them with your fork. It was very minimally seasoned, but really full of rich, smokey flavor. It was served on a bed of polenta and came with a side of brusells sprouts cooked with bacon and apples. This side was not my favorite dish of the night, but with this much going on you can't get everything pitch perfect.

- Then we were served a cheese plate, three types of cheese, which totally escape me now, but totally rocked. One blue cheese, one hard smelly French cheese and one soft smelly cheese. Jhun didn't like these, but I loved them. Just a couple of bites of each kind.

- Jhun had a saffron pound cake for his dessert and I had greek donuts with mascarpone pudding. Really good, but at this point we couldn't finish them.

- Then our check came with a salty and fruity lollipop that the chef made. The total was around 240 bucks with tip. A crazy amount, but also a crazy-good experience. It's good to splurge this much here and there, I think.

The whole time we were eating, I could see the chef, Monis, in the kitchen working on each dish and putting on final touches as every dish came out. He was so focused on each dish and it was fun watching him work his magic.

Grade: A+


Sneak Peeks

Look, it's me in DC!

I have lots to blog about from the trip, but can't right now. Soon, my legions of fans, very soon!

But, I will give you a sneak peek at what to expect:

- My favorite meal of my entire life

- Naked strippers

- and much, much more!


Washington, DC

I am headed to DC tomorrow. I might do a post or two before I head out, but probably won't be online much while there.

I lived in DC for two years, a couple blocks from Dupont Circle, so it is always exciting to head back and check things out.

Grade: C (As in, we will C)


I Am Not Myself These Days

I just keep finding really great books, and this one is going to make my top ten of all time list, I think.

Josh Kilmer-Purcells memoir "I Am Not Myself These Days' is the true story of a guy who moves to New York and works for an ad firm by day and is a successful drag queen, Aqua, by night. She keeps goldfish in glass globe titties in her custom made outfits. And Josh/Aqua falls in love with a crack-addict high-end escort.

The book is hilarious and heart-breaking all at once. I slipped into a bath with my Lush products (see below) last night as I started the last few chapters, and within two pages Josh was talking about his love of Lush products. Uncanny! And then at the end of the book I found out he graduated from Michigan State University and was a cartoonist for The State News (I was an editor there most of my college years.) So, I fell in love with the book even more.

I insist that you go purchase this awesome book today. Yes, he is sort of following the David Sedaris/Augustin Burroughs/James Frey style of memoir writing, but he manages to do it in a totally original voice.

Grade: A+


Pride & Prejudice

I checked out Pride & Prejudice last night. It's a good movie. Better than I expected, but I don't get Keira Knightley's nomination for this one.

I haven't seen either of the past adaptations of this and didn't even really know the story. But, a great story, and not the fluffy romantic story that I thought it was. I actually thought a couple of times how ahead of its time this movie is. She is a tough lady who won't settle for the restrictions society pushes on her.

But, my god, Jena Malone should be ashamed of the roles she has played.

Grade: B




This store, with two Chicago locations, is really wonderful. I have just been to the one at the Marshall Fields in Water Tower, but stop by if you get a chance. They sell bath products, but also lotions, shampoos, and every sort of body product.

Lush is pricey but worth it. I spent 23 bucks for two bath bombs and one bubble bath bar, but each is good for a few baths.

They smell great, are handmade and super cool. I have just used the bathbombs, bath melts and bubble bath before, but everything looks good.

If you want to get me a present ever, this the ideal place to do it from, cuz I am like a lady. I love to take baths for like an hour and a half at a time.

Grade: A

Dollop Coffee

This little coffee shop is near Clarendon and Buena (4181 N. Clarendon) and I love it a ton. It is big and roomy and not too crowded. It has comfy couches and chairs throughout and is the perfect place to zone out for a few hours. I had some reading to do for work, and a couple of friends met up with me.

Now, they use those big huge coffee cup things, which I dont' like because it gets cold too quick, but otherwise it is such a find.

I love independent coffee houses, so please, tell me some other Chicago ones to check out.

Grade: A

Andrea on Top Chef

I officially love this show now. I was reserving my judgement until I saw a couple of epidodes, but it is good. The quickfire challenge was them having to make a fruit plate on the spot, and a bunch of them were lame, but a couple were simply amazing.

I am a big fan of Stephen now, because I think he is really gifted and the stuff he makes is so well thought out and beautiful.

And they gave Andrea the boot. She deserved to go, and her dishes have all been lame.

Grade: A


Wendy on ANTM

I didn't care either way about Wendy. But, let me tell you some random thoughts from last nights America's Next Top Model.

- Nnenne is the sweetest person ever in the world. She is so nice and so f'ing hot. She rocks so hard.
- I liked Sara until she got all whiney about her makeover
- And I know that Jade is totally a bitch, but I just like watching her. I want her to stay for a bit.
- Gina is SO dumb
- I know that Wendy was upset about Katrina and her family, but she must have talked about something else at some point. They kept showing her being all sadzies about that.

Grade: B+



Debbie Stanenow

I love this woman. She is Debbie Stabenow, the Democratic US Senator from Michigan. And when I lived there I was a big fan of her as well.

Well, yesterday she got up and gave a long speech about the mishandling of the war and of foreigh relations, and had this sign up the entire time.

Go Debbie!

Grade: A

American Idol

I ended up watching American Idol last night, and I haven't seen the show for a year or so. And this bunch of contestants suck. I mean, I just don't get the show and have never been a big fan. But, this time around, they seem extra untalented and extra ugly and annoying.

How old is this Taylor guy? 40? Isn't there an age cap for the show?

It just seems that the format should have gotten old by now. Why do you people like it?

Grade: D (there were a couple of good ones)


In Her Shoes

I don't know if I have turned into a woman or something, but I totally loved this movie and was crying at the end of it. I had heared some mixed reviews of it, and never really had a strong urge to check it out, but I think that Netflix prompts you to watch some stuff you wouldn't usually.

Anyway, it is the story of two sisters, Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz, who are total opposites. And they both find their long estranged grandmother, Shirley Maclaine. Toni and Shirely were really wonderful in this, and Cameron was her usualy cute self. And the script really gave them a lot to work with, I think.

So, check it out!

Grade: B+


Making Love

My boyfriend and I somehow got into this debate last night about the phrase "making love" versus the phrase "having sex." I said that I would never ever use the phrase "making love" and that if he ever asked me to make love to him I might just throw up in my mouth a little bit.

He was offended by this.

I just don't like the term and think that it is sort of creepy sounding and doesn't depict the kind of sex that I want to have. Even if I love someone and am having sex, I would never ever call it making love.

But, he asked me to write a blog entry about this and get your take. What do you think of the term "making love?"

Grade: D

Baton Club

This is Mimi Marks from the Baton Club on Clark in River North. I have been to this place once before, but went there again last week on a whim. Now, as you can see, some of the gals there are not your typical drag queens, they are more like trannies. And they are some realistic looking ladies.

But, despite this, something just doesn't settle right with me about the place. I mean, you pay 15 bucks to get in and you see a drag show that is very much like what you can catch in Boystown on various nights. I think the downtown locations brings in tourists who haven't seen anything like this before. I know that a shit-ton of bachelorette parties go there on weekends. But, the venue is really large without a ton to offer. I had a good time and it was indeed a swell drag show, but I can head to Hydrate on a Wednesday night and be just as impressed and see the drag queens be a little more raunchy and bitchy.

Grade: C


America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6

I like this batch of girlies way better than last season already. Can't wait to see the silly drama they get into. The girls are way more attractive this season, I think.

My early favs are Nnenne, Jade and Sara, just in terms of looks. I love Gina and dont' want her to go because she is really fun to laugh at.

Grade: B+


Top Chef

Did anyone else check out Top Chef last night after the Project Runway finale? I did and I really liked it. I am sort of a foodie, so it was fun to watch for me, but I would have liked to have seen more of them actually cooking. I had no clue how they made the dishes. They focused a lot on the drama, which made me start losing respect for the show.

But, then, in the end they gave Ken the axe. I was surpised. He was a total asshole and the most attractive male on the show, and the fact that they weren't afraid to give him the boot impressed me.

I will continue to check it out, but I wasn't madly in love like I was the first time I watched PR.

Grade: B


Project Runway Finale

So, it is all over. Chloe won. I have to admit that Daniel was my fav but his runway show wasn't too impressive. And I was thrilled that Santino didn't win it all.

I have been a Chloe fan from the start, so I was glad to see her take it. I was sure they were trying to psych us out and that Daniel would win it, until I saw the actual show.

The stuff Chloe made didn't appeal to me personally, but I thought they were well done and the most cohesive presentation. I mean, Daniel's were all just sort of dull.

But, I was thrilled to hear Michael Kors offer Daniel a job, basically, at the end. That was really cool, even though I think he just did it cuz he wants in his pants.

So, on to other faggy TV shows, like ANTM now...

Grade: A



2007 Year in Advance Oscar Predictions

I know this is crazy, but I do it every year and it gets me psyched up for the upcoming year at the movies. I have my first five and last five choices, but I actually have about 20 ranked in each catagory. E-mail me if you want the full list. I hardly get any of them right, and it is going on just a whim without much buzz for the actual quality of each movie. But, here is goes:

Best Picture:
Goya’s Ghost
Little Children
A Prairie Home Companion
Marie Antoinette

Stranger Than Fiction
The Good German
Breaking and Entering
Running With Scissors

Best Director
Milos Foreman – Goya’s Ghost
Todd Field – Little Children
Bill Condon – Dreamgirls
Robert Altman – Prairie Home Companion
Alejandro González Iñárritu – Babel

Sophia Coppola – Marie Antoinette
Anthony Minghella – Breaking and Entering
Stephen Soderberg –The Good German
Marc Forster – Stranger than Fiction
David Lynch – The Inland Empire

Best Actor:
Javier Bardem – Goya’s Ghost
Derek Luke – Hotstuff
Max Minghella – Art School Confidential
Jamie Foxx – Dreamgirls
Gael Garcia Bernal – The Science of Sleep

George Clooney – The Good German
Will Ferrell – Stranger than Fiction
Hugh Jackman – The Fountain
Benecio Del toro –Guerilla
Jude Law – Breaking and Entering
Jeremy Irons – Inland Empire

Best Actress
Kate Winslet – Little Children
Cate Blanchett – The Good German or Babel or Notes on a Sandal
Rachel Weisz – The Fountain
Beyonce Knowles - Dreamgirls
Kirsten Dunst – Marie-Antoinette

Laura Dern – Inland Empire
Julianne Moore – The Children of Men
Juliette Binoche – Breaking and Entering
Ana Paquin – Margaret
Evan Rachel Wood – Across the Universe

Best Supporting Actor
Gael Garcia Bernal – Babel
Patrick Wilson – Little Children
Kevin Kline – Prairie Home Companion
Tim Robbins – Hotstuff
Joseph Fiennes – Running with Scissors

Woody Harrelson – Prairie Home Companion
Eddie Murphy – Dreamgirls
Stellan Skarsgard - Goya’s Ghost
Paul Bettany – DaVinci Code
John C. Reilly – Prairie Home Companion

Best Supporting Actress:
Anette Benning – Running With Scissors
Jennifer Connoly – Little Children
Meryl Streep – Prairie Home Companion
Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls
Natalie Portman – Goya’s Ghost

Anjelica Houston – Art School Confidential
Judi Dench – Notes on a Scandal
Ellen Burstyn – The Fountain
Maggie Gyllenhall – Stranger than Fiction
Lily Tomlin - A Prairie Home Companion


The Underminer

I bought this book because his first novel, the gay-themed Hornito, is super funny, tons of fun, lots of sex and just a light fun read. But, this book gets old about half way through, and it is only about 150 pages.

I read the book in one day, yesterday, and it is all first person dialogue from a character who has run ins with his friend from college. But, you only see his side of the conversation. He is wildly successful, and a totaly jerk to his friend. Some parts made me do a little internal chuckle, but that was it. The format got really old and the diaglogue was so not real.

Check out Hornito, but go ahead and skip this book, saving yourself the time and 10 bucks.

Grade: D


Sharon Stone and L Lo meet

These two met after the Oscars on Sunday. And somehow the universe didn't implode.

Grade: A

DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls was an odd addition to the cast of Hustle & Flow, and I was surprised when I saw he was in it. But, he was totally great in it as well. For those who don't know he was the dorky guy from Road Trip and some other minor movies.

But, the real reason for this post is that I saw him once out and about. I saw him at around 3 a.m. in The Closet. For those who don't know, that is a gay bar. I am not saying DJ is a fag, I am just saying....well, you do the math. I heard he lives in Chicago. Anyone else seen him? Is he a homo? Is he out?

Grade: B if he is gay and out C if he is straight and D if he is gay and closeted

Hustle & Flow

Wow! I loved Hustle & Flow a ton! I watched it Sunday morning. And Terrence Howard is one amazing man. His performance is great. And I hate to say it but I really liked Taryn Manning in this.

The build-up to laying down that first song was wonderful and when they finally get it right it is so fun.

My only critique is that a few parts seem a tad over the top to me. The acting is just a little overdone.

Grade: B+


Syrup by Max Berry

I finished this book this weekend. It's a good, fun quick read, but nothing with much depth.

It is the story of Scat, who is a marketing guy who comes up with a new idea for Coca Cola. His new soda, Fukk, is stolen from him and he ends up in a bunch of different marketing plots with 6, who works for Coke. It is a fun lampooning of the marketing biz, and uber hip, to boot.

If you want something fun and light, then check it out, but I wouldn't ever read it again. Total fluff.

Grade: B



Most Anticipated Movies of 2006

So, now that the Oscars are over. Here are my most anticipated of 2006. Most are Oscar hopefuls. Check them out on IMDB! I have lots to say about all these, but I don't want to bore you too much!
  1. Little Children
  2. Art School Confidential
  3. Running With Scissors
  4. The Science of Sleep
  5. Marie Antoinette
  6. The Fountain
  7. Stranger than Fiction
  8. Southland Tales
  9. For Your Consideration
  10. Goya’s Ghost
  11. Guerilla
  12. Prairie Home Companion
  13. Dreamgirls
  14. The Inland Empire
  15. Babel
  16. The Children of Men
  17. Margaret
  18. Hotstuff
  19. The Good Shepard
  20. Charlotte’s Web
  21. Zodiac

Chicago Male Salon

I checked out this new salon on Halsted St. on Saturday. I needed a haircut and love to check out anything new.

It was a good experience. I got a good haircut and while I was getting my shampoo and conditioner my stylist suggested I get my eybrows waxed. I haven't done that for years, so I figured why not. And you get a little scalp massage with your shampoo. I want to go back and check out the foot treatment thing.

But, I liked the place and will probably go back there for my next cut. But, I feel torn, because I really like Charlie at Robert Jeffrey, but his cuts cost more. This place was only 25 bucks for the cut, 12 for dealing with my nappy eyebrows and 16 for the hair product I bought there that I am loving so far.

Grade: B+

Oscar Night

Everyone is saying the show was boring, but I thought it was great. But, I am must excited at how awesome I did on my predictions. I got 21 out of 24 catagories correct. That is amazing! 87%. Woo hoo! Some random thoughts:

  • Jon Stewart was really great, despite having heard some people saying he didn't do good. I thought he was the best host since Steve Martin a couple years back.
  • The montages were a bit out of hand. I got so tired of them.
  • The Crash upset was shitty, I kept saying I wanted some major upset, but not that. The movie shouldn't have even been nominated. It was a good movie, but not a great one.
  • I loved the Robert Altman tribute.
  • Was glad to see Reese and Rachel win in the Actress catagories.
  • I wish Jennifer Garner would have fell.
  • I was excited to see "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" win best song. I love that song and love that the Academy picked it. Sorry Dolly!
  • I like the fact that a bunch of small quality films shared the wealth this year.
  • Did I mention I kicked ass in my predictions?
  • I made some kick-ass chili. Anyone there is welcome to comment on how good it was.

Look for my year in advance predictions for next year later this week. They are totally silly, but a way to get psyched about movies coming out in the coming year.

Grade: A


I am about to eat a Twix bar that my coworker just gave to me cuz I said I was craving chocolate. And I shall review it as I eat it:


Grade: A (it hit the spot)


Hey there. Cazwell, the super hot gay rapper guy from NYC, updated his website. I am SO in love with this man, and he look real good:


Grade: A

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake's Park District voted to not allow the Gay Games to hold their rowing event in the city. Really great way of promoting your city, geniuses.

I sent them a letter telling them they suck and that their deicision is really lame. Here are the two who voted against it:

Scott Breeden - scott@breeden.com
David Phelps - phelps@owc.net

Grade: F



I had lunch at RL, which I walk by every day. The inside is warm and looks like a rich man's library with lots of dark wood and photos on the wall. The clientele matches the atmosphere pretty much. I saw the most beautiful table full of women. They were totally old money with long straight blond hair, amazing makeup and fabulous clothes. They were seriously SO beautiful and could have been in a Polo catalog.

My food was pretty good, but I just had a cobb salad. But, let me take this moment to point out that a cobb salad at RL costs about 12 bucks, the same price that a cobb salad from T's, across the street from me costs. That is so ridic! I mean, T's is a little bar and grille with overpriced food for the gays, and they expect me to pay the same amount for their cobb as at RL!

The other people around my table had salads, except for Scotty who had a burger and said it was just OK. So, no more RL for me any time soon.

Grade: B-

North Country

North Country is a really good solid movie. Not an amazing movie, but if you put these wonderful actresses together you are bound to get some good results. I mean, Sissy Spaceck could come on the screen and poo, and I would still think she was incredible.

Charlize delivers a great performance, nothing worth winning an Oscar for, but the nomination is deserved. And Frances McDermond is good as always, but if someone told me before that she ends up disabled I would have totally gotten the Oscar nomination.

But, the story gets a little hokey and heavy handed. The final courtroom scene was a bit too much for me, and the scene with her father was so sappy, but I did shed a tear or two.

Grade: B


American Psycho

I really love Bret Easton Ellis, but this was his only book I hadn't read before because I hated the movie with a passion. But, I had to stop this book about 100 pages into it. It is nasty and gross and horrible. I know what he is trying to do, and the statement he is trying to make with his work, but I just couldn't handle it right now.

Grade: D (I still love you, Bret)