The Underminer

I bought this book because his first novel, the gay-themed Hornito, is super funny, tons of fun, lots of sex and just a light fun read. But, this book gets old about half way through, and it is only about 150 pages.

I read the book in one day, yesterday, and it is all first person dialogue from a character who has run ins with his friend from college. But, you only see his side of the conversation. He is wildly successful, and a totaly jerk to his friend. Some parts made me do a little internal chuckle, but that was it. The format got really old and the diaglogue was so not real.

Check out Hornito, but go ahead and skip this book, saving yourself the time and 10 bucks.

Grade: D



Anonymous Anonymous said...

as much as I hate to admit it, I have to totally agree with you. I am actually friends with Mike and I think he's very very funny and Hornito was like reading my own life.. but this one... kind of a 'one trick pony'

But yeah, go read Hornito if you have not yet!

2:06 PM, March 25, 2006  

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