Wendy on ANTM

I didn't care either way about Wendy. But, let me tell you some random thoughts from last nights America's Next Top Model.

- Nnenne is the sweetest person ever in the world. She is so nice and so f'ing hot. She rocks so hard.
- I liked Sara until she got all whiney about her makeover
- And I know that Jade is totally a bitch, but I just like watching her. I want her to stay for a bit.
- Gina is SO dumb
- I know that Wendy was upset about Katrina and her family, but she must have talked about something else at some point. They kept showing her being all sadzies about that.

Grade: B+



Anonymous ryan d said...

I agree that Nnenna is the most awesome person ever. She better win this shit. All the other girls have some major fug issues going on.

9:22 AM, March 16, 2006  

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