December Oscar Predictions

I know that this is one of my least commented on posts, but I get really obsessive about my predictions. Expect one more post with updates before the nominees are announced.

Best Picture
1. Brokeback Mountain
2. Walk the Line
3. Good Night and Good Luck
4. King Kong
5. Crash

6. Munich
7. Match Point
8. Capote
9. Cinderella Man
10. A History of Violence

Best Director
1. Ang Lee – Brokeback Mountain
2. James Mangold – Walk the Line
3. George Clooney – Good Night, and Good Luck
4. Steven Spielberg – Munich
5. David Cronenberg – A History of Violence

6. Woody Allen – Match Point
7. Peter Jackson – King Kong
8. Fernando Meirelles - The Constant Gardener

Best Actor
1. Phillip Seymour Hoffman – Capote
2. Joaquin Phoenix – Walk the Line
3. Heath Ledger – Brokeback Mountain
4. David Strathairn – Good Night, and Good Luck
5. Terrence Howard – Hustle & Flow

6. Jeff Daniels – The Squid and the Whale
7. Russell Crowe – Cinderella Man
8. Ralph Fiennes – The Constant Gardener
9. Eric Bana – Munich
10. Viggo Mortenson - A History of Violence

Best Actress
1. Reese Witherspoon – Walk the Line
2. Judi Dench – Mrs. Henderson Presents
3. Felicity Huffman – Transamerica
4. Joan Allen – The Upside of Anger
5. Kiera Knightly – Pride & Prejudice

6. Charlize Theron – North County
7. Zhang Ziyi – Memoirs of a Geisha
8. Naomi Watts – King Kong

Supporting Actor
1. Paul Giametti – Cinderella Man
2. Matt Dillon – Crash
3. Bob Hoskins – Mrs. Henderson Presents
4. George Clooney - Syriana
5. Jake Gyllenhall – Brokeback Mountain

6. William Hurt – A History of Violence
7. Michael Lonsdale – Munich
8. Terrence Howard - Crash

Supporting Actress
1. Michelle Williams – Brokeback Mountain
2. Maria Bello – A History of Violence
3. Scarlett Johanson – Match Point
4. Rachel Weisz – The Constant Gardener
5. Catherine Keener – Capote

6. Diane Keaton – The Family Stone
7. Frances McDormand – North Country
8. Amy Adams – Junebug
9. Gong Li – Memoirs
10. Laura Linney – Squid and the Whale

Best Original Screenplay
1. Crash
2. Good Night, and Good Luck
3. Match Point
4. The Squid and the Whale
5. Mrs. Henderson Presents

6. Mrs. Henderson Presents
7. The Family Stone

Best Adapted Screenplay
1. Brokeback Mountain
2. Capote
3. A History of Violence
4. Walk the Line
5. Syriana

6. Munich
7. The Constant Gardener

Grade: A

New Year's Resolutions

1. Read more novels
2. Reduce my debt by 1/3
3. Work out more
4. Stop using my teeth to open sauce packets (soy sauce, taco bell sauce, ketchup, etc.)
5. Stop getting angry at people for silly stuff
6. Clean my room a bit more often

Grade: C (I tend not to do so well at keeping to my resolutions)

Good Night and Good Luck

This movie is being considered a pretty certain Best Pic nominee. And while it is up there, I don't get what puts it above the rest. It is a solid, very tight story. Some good performances, especially David Strathairn. It was a really great movie. But, I wasn't blown away or anything. Just a really good solid film.

I totally wanna make a gay porn version of this set in the old timey news business called Good Night, And Good Fuck.

Grade: B+ (I hate that George Clooney directed it. I just don't like the guy)


KFC Again

Raymundo may not have replied to my online message, but KFC did. After going there I sent an e-mail on the website in a drunken stupor. I told them that the lady there wasn't nice, that they forgot our biscuits, and that they were out of breasts. And in return they sent me a voucher for 10 bucks at the same store. Thanks KFC! Ten dollars can feed me for like a week at KFC. That's 10 KFC Snackers! Or a bucket of chicken!

Grade: B-

L&B Nails

I don't get my nails did ever. But, if I did I would go to L&B Nails on Clark St.

Grade: A (I love L'ing B)


Meeting 3 other bloggers on the same day!

So, last week I got onto the train and was texting Dustin and we discovered we were on the same train. That was the first blogger I met that day. But, I had actually met Dustin like once or twice a few years back.

Then, I went out and had drinks with Scott, whose blog is Equipped to Fascinate. That was good times and was great to meet him. But, I guess I freaked him out or something, cuz I never heard from him after that.

And while I was out with him I met Lisa, who doesn't have a link on my page cuz she doesn't update enough, but she has one on Scott's page.

So weird that I met three bloggers whose sites I go to nearly daily all at once that day!

Grade: A

Burberry London

I smell super good today thanks to this shit!

Grade: A+

Little Children

I finished this book yesterday on my train ride back from the depths of Michigan.

This is one of those quick and easy reads that I love so much and is still classified as "literary fiction" yet is a really light, easy read.

The novel is a story of a handful of 30-something parents in suburbia, and a satire of the lives they live. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, the boring and sad state of affairs these people find themselves in: dreadful marriages, affairs, pent up anger.

But, the book was really wonderful and I tore through it. Check it out!

Grade: A-



Daniel Franco

This week I learned that even if you don't smoke pot, Project Runway is still really good.

I really didn't like the lingerie challege or most of the outfits that were produced. But way to go Diana on being a team leader! Can't wait to see you dance next week, girl!

And it was sad to see Daniel Franco go. He should have made it a bit further as well. The challenge wasn't fair because you had a big target on your back if you were a leader, and you were chosen as a leader because you had good concepts. I mean, there are still some pretty weak designers there who are getting by.

Grade: C for Daniel Franco getting booted
A still for Project Runway


Sami Brady

I am a born again Days of Our Lives fan. I hadn't watched the show for years, but picked it back up again. And when I was younger I loved Sami Brady, and sort of do still today.

For those who don't watch, and that is most of you, she is usually doing bad stuff, always down on her luck and always getting into trouble. She has been left at the alter like 3-4 times because she always messes things up by sleeping with somebody else, or dressing like a man and fighting the war in Iraq and forcing Philip's leg to be amputated when he was fighting in the war. She used to have a problem with bulemia. She has a terrible problem telling the truth and she is cute, but not super hot.

Grade: B+

Amateur pics

I have a thing for photos of guys that aren't total porn star types and are clearly made at home photos. They are hot.

This isn't exactly the type of pictures that I like, but finding something not too dirty wasn't easy online. Was home bored tonight and realized again how much hotter these types of photos are than glossy porn star type pics.

Grade: A

Christmas Break

Today is my last day of work before December 28th. This means I have a nice long break from work, but it also means I will likely be blogging less until this time.

But, while I am gone I plan to see a fair number of movies, and sure I will have plenty to say when I return. And I will likely post a time or two just to keep folks reading.

I have this nice image of me spending time with my family, and it being lovely and fun and peaceful and relaxing for me. But, what usually happens is that after one day at home I get really antsy and start to feel totally crazy and like an alien when I am home.

So, the reality is that when I get back it is more likely I will feel like this:

Grade: Time off of work: A
Time with Family: C
Not blogging: F

The last two best pic slots...

There are at this point three movies that can be considered close to shoe-ins for Best Picture nominations. Walk the Line and Brokeback are sure things right now, with Good Night, And Good Luck being a third nomination that for some reason that doesn't make sense to me is being said to be closet to assured a spot. That leaves only two spots for a ton of films that are getting some Oscar buzz. This year's race is tons of fun!
These films include:
- Capote
- A History of Violence
- Munich
- Match Point
- King Kong
- Crash
- Cinderella Man
- Pride and Prejudice

Which of these two do you think will make the cut?

Grade: A - I love a good Oscar race!

Aveeno Shaving Gel

I have been using this same brand of shaving product for about 10-11 years. I really love it and everyone in my family seems to use it. As a matter of fact, we often get a fresh can of the stuff in our Christmas stockings. It is really really good, doesn't have that shaving cream smell, and moisturizes your skin. Try it. Trust me, you will love it.

I have been without mine for about a week and a half now because I left it at Melanie's. I hope she is enjoying it.

Grade: A

Brokeback Mountain

On Saturday I went to go and check out this movie in Lakeview, and the theater was jam packed with homos, all super geeked to check out this movie.

I have been waiting for this movie for well over a year, so I think it was one of those things where I had super high expectations. Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but it wasn't the masterpiece that I was expecting. The entire cast was great, the cinematography was beautiful, and the direction was good, but the overall style of the flick just didn't deliver the emotional wollop that I like to get from a film. So much of this movie is about what goes unsaid and unspoken, so that made it a little tough for me.

And there were a couple of times when the audiences response to stuff just really pissed me off. You would think that having a theater full of fags would make it less likely that you would hear snickers or things like that, but it wasn't the case. There was one scene where I was SO pissed by how they responded to how the wife was dealing with fidning out about her husband that Michelle Williams totally nailed and did so well, but half the audience was laughing at her pain. That sucked.

So, come Oscar time, I expect this will win best picture and maybe a few more things here and there. And I think it deserves to not just cuz it is a good movie, but because it breaks some barriers, is a truly unique style. But, in the end the feel of the movie wasn't totally my style.

Grade: B+


Jin Ju

I eat at this place here and there and it is by far one of my fav places in Chicago. They have your basic Korean food: bi bim bap, bulgogi, kim chee, stuff like that. But, it is all really excellent. It is also right by my house, really cute inside and great for dates. So, if you wanna take me on a date then bring me here!

And they serve sojutinis, martinis made with korean booze. Really yummers.

Grade: A


E-mailing Raymundo

I am officially obessed. I just e-mailed Raymundo to tell him I was sorry and that I was routing for him.

Grade: C

Raymundo getting the boot on Project Runway

Well, figures that last week I picked Raymundo as one of my favs and he got the boot. But, seriously, why? I know the dress wasn't that good, but he is trained in fashion and it looked better than the dumb red dress. I was SO sure she was going. Weren't you.

I still heart this show a lot, but am crushed. If Diana goes next my opinion of the show is really gunna drop.

Check out his website at http://www.raymundobaltazar.com/. I plan on sending him an e-mail telling him I love him and will do him in the butt real hard like if he wants me to.

Grade: F, but PR is still an A in my book!

STD E-cards

Everyone loves to get a card, even e-cards. Until now.

These e-cards were created in LA so that the gays with STD's could anonymously pass along the message that they have an STD and their hook-up or boyfriend or whatever should get checked. Can you imagine getting one of these? I mean, grow up and tell the guy in person if you have his e-mail address.

Check them all out at: inspotla.org/tell-them/

Grade: C-



Damn girl, you need to pull yourself together!

Grade: F


Inviting me to your wedding

Inviting me to a wedding is always a risk. I could be really fun and the life of the party, or it could just all go wrong. Proceed at your own risk, breeders!

Grade: C

Cat Hair

So, I have this losing battle with cat hair in my house. Granted I don't pick it up much, and I don't brush my cats enough. But there is cat hair all over everything. My bed, the floor, my socks when I walk. I am the most annoyed by my coat. I mean, I lint brush it like once a week, but my winter pea coat that I wear every single day is constantly covered. I mean, like, to the point where I step out into the sun in the morning and look down and am embarassed for others to see me on the train.

Don't get me wrong, I love the cats, except for Buddha, but the hair situation is getting crazy!

Grade: D

Blessed Train

Around 3 out of 5 workdays of the week I get on a train in the morning and the conductor is this extra chipper man who likes to say "Thank you for riding the blessed train. Because the blessed train is the best train."

He says other really upbeat stuff about having a good day and what-not. I used to giggle and love it, but some days I just am not in the mood anymore and am annoyed by the religious undertones.

Ever been on this train?

Grade: B

Golden Globe Nominees!

I didn't even know they were announcing these today. What a surprise for me! Here are the movie catagories with some quick reactions. Like you care...

Best Picture - Drama
:: Brokeback Mountain
:: The Constant Gardener
:: Good Night, and Good Luck
:: A History of Violence
:: Match Point
Wow, No Geisha and no Munich. Was hoping both would be good films, but this really hurts their Oscar chances. This is pretty exciting to see this catagory sort of stirred up. Haven't seen Crash yet but sort of hoped it made it in here.
My Pick: Brokeback

Best Picture - Musical/Comedy
:: Mrs. Henderson Presents
:: Pride and Prejudice
:: The Producers
:: The Squid and the Whale
:: Walk the Line
Well, this is pretty cut and dry, aside from The Squid being nominated and The Family Stone not.
My Pick: Walk the Line

Best Director
:: Woody Allen, Match Point
:: George Clooney, Good Night and Good Luck
:: Peter Jackson, King Kong
:: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain
:: Fernando Meirelles, The Constant Gardener
:: Steven Spielberg, Munich
I love how they just decide to nominate 6 in some catagories. Weird that Spielberg couldn't snag a picture nomination, but got a directing one. But Cronenberg sort of got snubbed here.
My Pick: Ang Lee

Best Actor - Drama
:: Russell Crowe, Cinderella Man
:: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote
:: Terrence Howard, Hustle & Flow
:: Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain
:: David Strathairn, Good Night, and Good Luck
Pretty cut and dry but I was hoping for a Ralph Fiennes nominations here.
My Pick: Hoffman

Best Actor - Musical/Comedy
:: Pierce Brosnan, The Matador
:: Jeff Daniels, The Squid and the Whale
:: Johnny Depp, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
:: Cillian Murphy, Breakfast on Pluto
:: Nathan Lane, The Producers
:: Joaquin Phoenix, Walk the Line
Whoah...where did Brosnan and Depp come from on this list? I am excited to see Breakfast on Pluto.
My Picks: Phoenix...duh...

Best Actress - Drama
:: Maria Bello, A History of Violence
:: Felicity Huffman, Transamerica
:: Gwyneth Paltrow, Proof
:: Charlize Theron, North Country
:: Ziyi Zhang, Memoirs of a Geisha
Maria Bello is pretty good in Violence, but so not a lead actress. And no Joan Allen for Upside of Anger. This catagory is a tough one...
My Pick: Maria Bello

Best Actress - Musical/Comedy
:: Judi Dench, Mrs. Henderson Presents
:: Keira Knightley, Pride and Prejudice
:: Laura Linney, The Squid and the Whale
:: Sarah Jessica Parker, The Family Stone
:: Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line
Doesn't even matter who else is here, cuz Reese is so shit-hot! No, Judi Dench could give her a run for her money...
My Pick: Reese

Best Supporting Actor:: George Clooney, Syriana
:: Matt Dillon, Crash
:: Will Farrell, The Producers
:: Paul Giamatti, Cinderella Man
:: Bob Hoskins, Mrs. Henderson Presents
Um, so why onlye 4 here? How the hell do they decide to do this? Why no Jake for Brokeback?
My Pick: I guess Dillon. This catagory sucks.

Best Supporting Actress
:: Scarlett Johansson, Match Point
:: Shirley MacLaine, In Her Shoes
:: Frances McDormand, North Country
:: Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener
:: Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain
No Gong Li, No Catherine Keener, No Diane Keaton. Say buh bye to your Oscar chances, gals. Wow, tough call on who could win this one. I was in love with Weisz during Gardener, but really wanna see Brokeback do well.
My Pick: Weisz

Best Screenplay
:: Match Point
:: Good Night, and Good Luck
:: Crash
:: Munich
:: Brokeback Mountain
How does Munic get a best director nomination and screenplay but no picture nod?
My Pick: Brokeback

Grade: A - I am so psyched to see some of these movies and for the Oscars this year!


The Inner Circle

I finally finished a book. I can't tell you how many novels I have read lately that I couldn't get through. Partially from boredome with the book, partially because I have a hard time finding things I want to finish lately.

The Inner Circle is a fictionalized acount of the work of Alfred Kinsey fromt he perspective of one of his researchers. He is the first researcher Kinsey, or Prok, hires. And working for Prok means sleeping with Prok, and his wife, and other coworkers. It explores the work they are doing, and a really interesting story about human sexuality. And it does a great job of exploring the tension between human's natural sexual instincts and the idea of love and sex.

There is tons of sex in the book but nothing really steamy or exciting. T.C. Boyle, the author, is quicly becoming a fave of mine.

So, check it out.

Grade: B+

National Board of Review Winners

The NBR announced their winners. And the best movie of the year was Good Night, And Good Luck. I have been putting off seeing this because I really don't like George Clooney, but need to check it out. And this just gave the film a boost that was much needed to get it into the top five for best picture.

Anyone seen this yet? What did you think?

The other winners on their top ten list:
Brokeback Mountain
History of Violence
Match Point
Memoirs of a Geisha
Walk the Line

Oh, and the LA film critics and a few others all have picked Brokeback as their fave of the year. Woo hoo!

Grade: B (not too many surpises on the list, but a decnet year for movies it seems)


Grilled Cheese

God, I love grilled cheese. I recently started ordering it again here and there at restaurants. It is usually one of the cheapest menu items at your diners and other quick food spots, but it is so dammn tasty! I had it yesterday with Ryan during lunch. Thanks for lunch Ryan! Again!

And as an added bonus, the grilled cheese above has an image of the Virgin Mary on it!

Grade: A+

Sapori Trattoria

I had never heard of this little Italian spot on Halsted, just south of Diversey. I weathered yesterday's crazy blizzard to make it there, and it was worth it. I had the calamari to start with my friend and then I had the pumpkin filled pasta that was really great. Tons of calamari filled me up, so it was fine that there wasn't much pasta there. It was served with sweet potatoes and pine nuts underneath. Yummers.

And this place was pretty busy for how snowy and nasty it was out. I had never heard a single thing about this place, so always exciting to find a little gem you had never heard of.

Grade: B+


My two favs on PR - Diana and Raymundo

These are my two favs on Project Runway based on personality alone.

Diana is just so weird and not fashion concious. I want to see her do really well and make it far, but I don't think she will. She designs based on science and wore her prom dress the first night out. That's awesome.

And Raymundo I just like cuz he is a little latino fag and I sort of wanna do it with him.

I mean, I liked some others and really liked their designs, but these are my first impressions.

Grade: B (I usually make really bad choices at the start of these shows)

Project Runway

I had seen the last episode of the 1st season, and really liked it, but last night I fell in LOVE with this show. I mean, it was one of the best things I had seen on TV in a long time. I am an instant fan and think I need to buy season one on DVD now.

I am totally starting a Wednesday night Project Runway get-together, even if it is just me and my cats. Let me know if you want to join me! I watched the two hour special and watched the whole first hour over again after that. f

America's Next Top Model? What is that?

Grade: A+

Nicole - Winner of ANTM

This woman is so boring and lifeless. I cant' believe she won the whole thing on ANTM last night. Since the start she was one of my least favorites. She has stringy hair and is such a dud.

And how can she do THAT poorly in the Cover Girl commercial and still win the whole thing?

I am so over America's Next Top Model. They never pick the right person.

Grade: C- because she did looke super awesome during the runway show.



I had a sleepover at Melanie's last night. She totally was begging me to review it on my blog. That's the tough part of being famous, my fans, is that everyone wants you to review something, ya know.

No, but we had a lovely time. Melanie made me dinner, and then we, um, wait, what did we do Melanie? I guess it wasn't that action-packed. Oh, I had some hot chocolate. Then Melanie got really tired and I kept her up and was super annoying, so she gave me drugs, and I passed out.

This morning I woke up late and didn't get a ride to work. But, she did make me this really amazing breakfast burrito with eggs, olive tappindade (sp?), and cheese.

Dinner: A
Hot Chocolate: B (way better than her first time making me chocolate flavored water)
Pills: A
Mel falling asleep when I wanted to stay up: F
Breakfast: A
Not getting a ride to work: D
Average Grade: C+


Frito-Lays Flavor Twists

I am sort of obsessed with these. It all started one day when I was broke and had like 2 bucks to my name to buy lunch. I bought a bag of these and something else. And they are super good! So, now I have two bags just waiting in my desk for when hunger strikes. Oh shit, I can't wait. I am opening them now...

Grade: B (they aren't too good for you)

Copy Machines

It is 2005. Yet, copy machines in ever office I have ever been in seem to jam often and always have tons of issues.

Let's get it together and figure out how to make a copy machine that works.

Grade: F


Mini Ravioli by Chef Boyardee

I have hadn't had ravioli from a can in a long time. I just did and didn't even heat it up. It was nast.

Do they use dog meat in these things? But, it totally brought back childhood memories.

Grade: D+

Not washing before you do it

For goodness sake people. If you know you are going to be doing it, then keep your bizness clean and smelling fresh. Or, take a shower before you have somebody's nose that close to your bits and pieces.

Grade: F

Walk the Line

Wow! I am really really in love with this movie. I knew it would be pretty good, but this was great. I never cared either way about Johnny Cash and didn't know his story at all.

This biopic was perfect in my book. Stunnning performances by Joaquin and Reese. Great singing. Wonderful straightforward directing style with lots of intense moments. I think it was partially by mood, but it just really hit home and was a great wonderful love story about two people who went through so much together before they were married. Reese is holding firm on my list as the top choice to win best actress.

I am too hung over to say much more other than "Please go see it!"

Grade: A+


Making fun of God and dead kittens

I saw this online and it is just super funny to me. I love to make religious jokes and also really like to talk about kittens, cuz it is just so horrible that it is funny.

But, I have to say that I lol'd when I saw this but also got sort of sad for that little kitten at the same time. Run, little guy!

I have killed about 4 kittens already this weekend. How many have you killed?

Grade: A


Thai Pastry

This is my fav thai spot in Chicago. I think they have the best Thai eats, and it isn't far from my house. Thai Pastry, is on Broadway near the Argyle stop, and has the best pad thai, and best curries I have had. They aren't too sweet like some places make them.

This place gets rave reviews from reviewers from the Tribune, Chicago Reader, Time Out and has been on Check Please.

If you haven't been, check it out. Did I review this place already?

Grade: A- (The servers aren't too nice)