Project Runway - Week 8

I want to first state that I am not a big Angela fan at all. I wasn't upset to see her go, but...


Oh, and I totally called it at the start of the show that they were going to desing for themselves and travel someplace, just based on the preview.

My friend Ryan is right, I am tired of these gimmicks, I want them to just have to do a really nice cotoure dress.

Grade: B



Gilette Mach 3

I have been using this razo for years, since they came out. Lately there has been a notable difference in the quality of the razor. It stays sharp for less time. I assume they started to make these cheaper to focus on their newer better razors; the ones with about 30 blades.

Well, Gilette, I am onto you. I am not the only one who has noticed your shitty quality razors, for the same jacked-up price.

Tomorrow, when I buy razors, I am getting a new brand! Power to the People!

Grade: F


The Sluts

This is not a book for the faint of heart. It is the story, told via message boards and review sites, of a possibly underage twink hustler who possibly wants someone to fuck him and murder him, or possibly not.

In Cooper's book nothing is for certain, but what might be happening is a lot to take. Old gay guys who are into this story being told of murder, snuff films, extreme S&M and the like. There aren't too many likeable people or stories being told here, and this isn't something that you really wanna sit in the park and read, but still a good book.

But, I want to find a gay novel that is full of sex and totally hot and dirty, which I thought this was just from quick hearing about it. Any suggestions on that?

Oh, and dont' totally discredit this sort of gimmicky book, it won this year's Lambda Literary Award for fiction.

Grade: B



We headed to Galveston during one of our days in Houston, and my first impressions was: super trashy, and I can't lie, there is that element to it, but I ended up having a ton of fun there.

We had some fresh seafood at this restaurnt that is soon going to become a Hooters. Not the best meal, but not bad and always fun to eat seafood on the ocean. Then we did a drive-by of the historic homes district. A ton of amazing awesome houses.

But, the fun started when we got way drunk at the bar that sits on the ocean and watched their drag show. We were trashed by the end and the bf was dancing with all the drag queens, and we made friends with some lesbian couple who we followed to a dance bar, where we all danced our asses off and met a ton of lesbines, who all stayed out later than 10pm, the traditional lesbian curfew.

Grade: A-


I made my first visit to Houston this weekend. I have to admit that I didn't explore the city too much at all. But, from what I did see, it was the south for sure. You had to drive everywhere, everyone had SUV's and I saw my fair share of "hicks," even at the gay bars.

But, the gay area was pretty sizeable and the neighborhood was really unique, with the bars tucked in among homes along residential streets. The gay scene was pretty diverse and they seemed to have a bunch of places, each with its own attitude and clientele. If you are into bars that smell like poo and the guys stare at you and are sort of lude, then check out the Montrose Mining Company!

I had a nice, relaxing weekend, but was glad to be back in Chicago.

I was really hoping to have some Texas BBQ and didn't think I would get a chance to. I had to settle for bbq from Pappa's, a chain in Texas that has an outpost in the airport, and I was impressed for airport food. It was some damn fine meat.

We were visiting friends, so I am sure that I will probably visit again at some point, and I can explore a bit more then.

Grade: B


ANTM - Cycle Yuck

This batch of girls looks like Tyra just grabbed the first group of bitches who walked into her studio to watch her show one day. These girls is fugly!

I can't wait! It's way better when there are lots of really insecure ugly girls!

Grade: B


Project Runway - Week 7

Last night's show was a super cute challenge, and I loved seeing everyone's mother. But, the fact that they allowed slim sisters on the show instead of an aunt or older female in their lives was a scam, I thought.

Random thoughts:
  • Uli was ripped off. She should have won that challenge. Michael's was great, too, but he had a great model to work with.
  • Message to Jeffrey: "You don't talk that way to anyone's Mamma. Period. Oh, and your outfit looked like complete trash."
  • I really hate Vincent, but he was much better this episode. I liked that he made the comment about how you have to learn to design for real women, and he is usually a pretty good sport. But, he still is fucking nuts.
  • Laura: You need to wow me next week or you are going to get bumped down on my list, if you don't get booted.
  • Kayne just bores me. The next day I always forget that he even exists.
  • Oh, and for you Robert lovers out there: He was a good guy, but he was getting called out for boring stuff every single week, and just couldn't do anything super exciting.

Grade: A-



Jet Skiing

I am back from Michigan today. Had a good trip, but super swamped now with work stuff and getting caught up.

I am off again to Houston on Friday.

But, the highlight of the weekend for me was jet skiing. I do it every time I make it up to my parent's place on the lake in Michigan, and I love it. I feel like such a bad-ass on those things. My bf loves them a little less and vowed to never go on again because I went too fast and whipped him around a bit too much, he wanted me to stay at like 30 mph, and I kept getting close to 60.

Oh, and I went with my 7-year-old niece and she drove by herself for half the time. It was fun to let a 7-year-old take you out on a jet ski.

Grade: A


Summer Vacay

I am headed to Michigan this coming weekend. I leave Thursday and doing some family visiting. My bf is meeting the other folks, Dad and stepmom.

So, I am going to take this time to take a blogging vacation. I just need a little breather to get my inspiration back.

This is a picture from the future of my bf and I at the beach this weekend.

Grade: B (not an A cuz I will miss y'all)

You are Not the One

This is a book of short stories by a young gay author, and I really enjoyed it. I don't think most of the stories will stay with me for a while, but the writing was fresh, quirky and fun.

One is the story of a woman who decides she needs to find a gay friend. Another tells of a man who gets involved with an escort while his wife is out of town. Another about a man who is milking disability payments for all they are worth.

Fun stuff and a recommended read. I am interested to see what else McIntyre can produce, and hope he goes uphill from here.

Grade: B


Gay Bloggers Chicago

So, the event happened on Saturday. It was good time. We had about 16 people show up, but there were a handfull of no-shows. Losers!

It was a little awkward at first, but then people got comfy and started to chit-chat. And then I got drunk, so that was nice.

Thanks for organizing this with me, Alan!

Grade: A-


Big Brother redoing the HOH competition

The Big Brother house is heating up. There was a big scandal after last night's show. You could see Howie getting really mad and telling Julie he had buzzed in during the competition.

Well, after the show aired, they announced they would be re-doing the competition. Ha! Take that Erika. And Janelle won. Again! I love her so much, even though she won't make it and isn't catching on to the deceit from the people she thinks she can trust.

It was also SO sad to see Kaysar when he found about James betraying him. Awww...you can come cry on my shoulder Kaysar.

It is getting nasty in the house right now. Noboyd likes anyone currenly and they are all losing it.

Grade: A



Project Runway - Week 5

I loved last nights competition. Some of the designers nailed it and also really presented their own style.

Bradley was the first designer I was really sad to see go since the show started. I loved his obscure comments during the interviews with him.

And I was SO excited to see Michael win. Loved his outfit. Just what I needed to bump him to the top of my list. And we finally got to hear him talk some more. He is so sweet and level-headed.

Laura, you need to step it up girl and at least make it in the top three for something!

I should have guessed that Angela would start doing better. They always seem to have someone who seems like a dud and starts to get better as the weeks go on. Is she this season's Kara?

I really loved last nights episode, probably my fav so far. I feel like some things are falling into place now.

Grade: A+



RJ Grunts

A recent episode of Popular prompted my bf and I to have an intense salad bar craving.

When I was a kid I used to love and go to the salad bar. There was something exciting about the idea of choosing your own items. What power!

I still love salad bars to this day and had been to RJ Grunts a while back before I moved here.

I was sort of let down by the toppings (no sunflower seeds?! no hard boiled egg?!), but overall it was a decent experience.

What made the experience even better was when the manager came over and thanked us and said he heard that my bf had never been before to their establishment, so he wanted us to have a free dessert of a chocolate chip cookie bar topped with ice cream and hot fudge. Just to say thanks and that he hoped we would come back. Awww....

Grade: B+


The Fabulous Janes

Thanks to Mike Reed for his photos he took during Market Days.

For those who don't know, Market Days, is like Pride, except that there is no parade and no politics involved. We just get drunk in the street all day.

Oh, and there is music. So, I was wandering around and stumbled on this band, the Fabulous Janes. And the most fabulous part was this boy in the band. He was so hot and cute and had amazing stage presence. He was wearing this black skirt with that hat and made some really hot facial expressions and got super into the his rocker cover-band routines.

Grade: A


Little Miss Sunshine

I knew from the previews that I would like this movie, but I was surprised by just how much I loved it.

I loves me some movies about quirky families, and this one tops even the best of them. A family with a whole lot of tension heads across several states in a yellow VW bus to make it to a pageant for young Olive.

A genius script, great story and some amazing performances. I would love to see Colette or any of this exciting ensemble cast get an Oscar nomination, but I think the best it can hope for is a Best Original Screenplay nomination.

Grade: A



A Long Way Down

I just finished A Long Way Down and it took me a while to get through it.

Nick Horby's book is about four people who are planning to kill themselves and all run into each other and decide to hold off for just a bit. It's a fun premise and not a bad book, but just wasn't as gripping as I thought it could be. The four really different characters just didn't do much for me, and I wasn't feeling too much sympathy for their struggles.

I really like Horby and loved About A Boy and How to Be Good. I plan to keep following his career and reading his books, but a few more strikes and you may be out Nicky.

Grade: C+



Gay Bloggers: Chicago

Just one week to the Gay bloggers event. Can't wait! Are you coming?

Hope to see you at Cocktail next Saturday afternoon if you have a blog and like dick.

Grade: A


My BF as the next Miss Universe

He fainted backstage right after this photo was taken.

Grade: A

Project Runway - Week 4

We finally got to see last night who the culprit was that got the boot prematurely. And it was who everyone suspected.

I really hate the group challenges. See, you end up doing a great job on your sketch and you become a team leader. That puts a big target on you, because one of the team leaders usually gets the boot. The team challenges just don't seem fair.

I am begging you Heidi: Please, Please, get rid of Vincent!

Oh, and this week Allison gets a boost on my fav list, pushing Michael down. He needs to show something great if he wants to stay on the top of my list.

Grade: B



Capital Grille

I had a work dinner here on Saturday night. The environment is nice, and other seemed to really like it.

But, my steak was overdone and chewey. Like a steak I could have had in lots of restaurants. Not bad, but I demand a damn fine steak if I am hitting up a steakhouse.

Grade: C-

Kitty Litter Sifting Pan

I saw this thing in the store and thought "Wow, this thing is awesome and going to revolutionize the way I deal with my cat's shit!"

It didn't.

Grade: F


Anyone remember this WB show from 1999 that only lasted two seasons?

I do and just started to rent them on Netflix. I forgot how much I love the show, and my bf is super into it now.

The premise is lame and so overdone. A high school dramady about two groups of kids the popular and the not-so-popular.

You have Brooke, the popular blond cheerleader at school who gets great grades and tries to be good, her best friend, Nicole, who is a totaly bitch, Marie Cherrie, the new girl who is rich and popular and a little crazy (my personal fav on the show), Josh, the quarterback who is dating Brooke, and Sugar Daddy, Josh's fat best friend who is part of cool crew.

The not-so-popular bunch is Sam, the pretty girl who hates Brooke and ends up having to deal with her in and out of school, Lilly, the activist, Carmen, the overweight girl who dreams of being a cheerleader and Harrison, their friend who has had a crush on Brooke for years.

I know it sounds SO corny, but the writing is really fresh and there are tons of really funny moments. Some episodes are hit or miss, but I promise that you will get hooked if you give it a try.

Grade: A