Project Runway - Week 7

Last night's show was a super cute challenge, and I loved seeing everyone's mother. But, the fact that they allowed slim sisters on the show instead of an aunt or older female in their lives was a scam, I thought.

Random thoughts:
  • Uli was ripped off. She should have won that challenge. Michael's was great, too, but he had a great model to work with.
  • Message to Jeffrey: "You don't talk that way to anyone's Mamma. Period. Oh, and your outfit looked like complete trash."
  • I really hate Vincent, but he was much better this episode. I liked that he made the comment about how you have to learn to design for real women, and he is usually a pretty good sport. But, he still is fucking nuts.
  • Laura: You need to wow me next week or you are going to get bumped down on my list, if you don't get booted.
  • Kayne just bores me. The next day I always forget that he even exists.
  • Oh, and for you Robert lovers out there: He was a good guy, but he was getting called out for boring stuff every single week, and just couldn't do anything super exciting.

Grade: A-



Blogger amandarama said...

Right on - although maybe Robert doesn't have any older female relatives. If I were a designer on this show, I would have had to pick my 28 year old sister-in-law or 91 year old grandmother. Uli WAS robbed. That dress was wonderful.

8:28 AM, August 24, 2006  
Anonymous Patrick said...

i think that jeffrey was a bit rough and his dress was not good. but i also think angela's mother was being a nuisance. she was whiny and needed to not agree to do this show if she were going to burst into tears.

sorry, charlie. angela's mom can stuff it. and some moms need to hear that.

12:19 PM, August 24, 2006  
Anonymous RcktMan said...

Oh man... if Jeffrey talked to my mom that way he would not have a neck to tattoo. He would have no head either. Seriously. I was truly ANGRY when I saw how he treated Angela's mom... whether or not she was whiny has nothing to do with it. She did NOT deserve to be treated that way.

And Uli was robbed robbed ROBBED. She should have won. And been given immunity just because it was so beautiful. Vincent?! Vincent WON!?! What is this world coming to!?!

6:58 PM, August 24, 2006  

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