We headed to Galveston during one of our days in Houston, and my first impressions was: super trashy, and I can't lie, there is that element to it, but I ended up having a ton of fun there.

We had some fresh seafood at this restaurnt that is soon going to become a Hooters. Not the best meal, but not bad and always fun to eat seafood on the ocean. Then we did a drive-by of the historic homes district. A ton of amazing awesome houses.

But, the fun started when we got way drunk at the bar that sits on the ocean and watched their drag show. We were trashed by the end and the bf was dancing with all the drag queens, and we made friends with some lesbian couple who we followed to a dance bar, where we all danced our asses off and met a ton of lesbines, who all stayed out later than 10pm, the traditional lesbian curfew.

Grade: A-


Blogger Meme said...

what do you know about "lesbian curfew?" oh yeah, that's right, you were raised by lesbians.

5:43 AM, August 30, 2006  
Anonymous jimmy said...

I would give Texas an "F" no matter where you are. No fun when you're gay and asian and vegetarian.

7:54 AM, August 31, 2006  

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