(Guest poster Olivia here) Hey guys!!! I really love Jazzercise and working out in general. This is a photo of a couple of gals from my class! I met thise ladies at the Curves up on Western and Lawrence that I go to. I go there every single week and do a load of cardio! But last week I just stayed in and watched Titanic and ate ice cream!!! A girl needs to take a break, ya know? So, yeah, I love Jazzercise a lot and just the rush that I get from doing it!

Grade: A++



This Streeterville deli was a secret to me until my friend Ryan told me about it. And the sandwiches are really good,a nd you get two sides with each one. And there are a fair amount of cute guys that seem to stop in and get a lunch time sammy.

But, I have been there twice now and both times they were playing the Rent Soundtrack. And Ryan said they were the time before that.

Oh, and when you get a sandwich you can get a cup of soup for whatever the temperature is that day. That is so neat!

Grade: A

Prussian Blue http://prussianblue.net/

(special guest contributer Noah) Prussian Blue is a rock duet with two girls-- Lynx and Lamb. They are rockers, getting home schooled, "and just having fun being young, talented and pretty".
When they aren't rocking out, they are hating everyone that is not blonde hair and blue eyed because oh I almost forgot to mention they are crazy white supremists!
awe! look, they even model for a clothing company aptly named Aryan Wear

Fucking crazy neo-nazi bitches- F
the parents- F
Their singing- F (try a pitch corrector sweeties)


Meet Steven Bennett -- http://blogsbm7777.blogspot.com/

(special guest contributer Noah) Meet Steven. He's gay! No wait, not anymore! Jeebus de-gayed him. Now he's spreading the "good" "word", that you can be gay, but then de-gay yourself, then marry some gross lady named Irene with ratty mall hair, and put your hoo hoo in her neena and poop out some kids! oh, and OMG Becky! is this guy FUNNY!

LOL!! Orientals are hillllaaaarious!!.
Steve is a busy guy. When he's not posting mildly racist blogs, he's getting ready to make a radio show called, wait for it, STRAIGHT TALK! Please get Dolly Parton on the phone emediately, she MUST give them permission to use her song. How awesome would that be? Very.
Also? This guys teeth? Hillary Duff is all "no, no, like THOSE *points to picture of Steven Bennett*"

Steven Bennett - F-
Steven Bennett's blog - A- (comment people!)
Straight Talk the radio series - B+
Steven Bennett's teeth - A+

[update -- Steve disabled comments on his blog. How lame! F-!]

Rosebud on Rush

I went here with co-workers this week and had heard it was a Chicago institution. And it was good Italian food, but I mean, I wasn't blown away. Everyone said their dish was good, but nobody was ranting about anything.

I had linguini with shrimp, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and asparagus, in an olive oil and garlic sauce. It was really good, but just abover average Italian food. The salad I had to start was also really basic and the lettuce on it was close to frozen.

But, we had a great table on the second floor looking out onto Rush, which was really nice.

Grade: B-

World Series Winners Making Out

Way to go on winning the World Series, White Sox!!! And way to go on the hot man action after your win!

At the end of the game, they were all so happy, and I wanted to be right there in the middle of that straight man love sandwich. And I think that kissng and ass-slapping was all just foreplay. When they got to the locker room, things probably got really crazy!

But,way to go. Thanks to your win I get free pizza tomorrow and might just work half a day on Monday.

Grade: A+

Munich Movie Poster

So, this is my frontrunner for Best Pic right now. Filming just wrapped on Munich, but it is directed by Steven Speilberg who just made a great summer blockbuster, and has delivered before. And the most exciting part is that nobody knows much about this, but is all abuzz over it.

The poster looks promising. I think I love the prospect of movies more than I love the movie itself a lot of the time.

Grade: A


Internet Strangers Bailing on Me

Internet dating is as stupid as this sign.

Oh, I just was reminded by a post from Dustin Harder that I never explained about the date in NYC. It didn't happen. This is the guy who I have talked to online for over a year. Well, I got in late on Friday and so we rescheduled for Saturday lunch. Then he bailed on me on Saturday via text saying he had family in town and was apartment hunting. I was like, "whatever, that's cool." And then on Sunday we were going to do dinner. And he bailed on me again asking if we could just meet on Monday morning or something. So, I sent him a text saying to just forget about it.

I mean, it is an internet date, so you can't expect too much. But, we have like talked on the phone bunches and stuff. And I was super busy and met people in New York, including one guy who I talked to online who came out for a drink and met me, and who I kinda sorta went home with and kinda sorta did it with.

That's it. I will no longer date people from online. Just hook up with them. That is the moral of this story.

Grade: B+


White Sox in the World Series

I am not a sports fan. At all. But, just like when I was at MSU and the basketball team made it to the Final Four and I started to pay attention, I have been into the World Series. I watched the entire second game and it was awesome!

I really enjoyed it, despite having a few questions about the basic rules of baseball. I mean, it was exciting! I will be watching the whole thing tonight, too.

Go Sox!

Grade: A

A couple of upcoming movies that I am excited about

Who wants to go see these with me? I have high hopes for The New World and Memoirs of a Geisha, both December Oscar bait movies.

And in a couple of weeks I wanna go check out Sarah Silverman's movie. She is so damn funny.



I have been to this piano bar once before last year, but returned to the Wicker Park spot on Friday (after Thai Lagoon). The space is really great, and it is a great place to venture to on a Friday night as opposed to the usual bars I hit up on weekends. Something different. But, the show I went to just didn't do it for me last Friday. Justin, the performer is great, but it was all just too low key for me for a Friday night. He did early Frank Sinatra songs, ones that most people haven't heard before. And I needed something a little peppier. But, I would recommend it for a great date idea.

Grade: A-

Thai Lagoon

There are countless basic Thai places around this city. And even a basic Thai place is good. But, Thai Lagoon in on North Avenue in Wicker Park was one of the best that I had been to. I did the basic pad thai and panang curry dishes that I like to try at a new thai place. But, both were really great. I had an appetizer combo thing with some spring rolls, shumai and something else, all just pretty basic. And the decor is a step up from most little Thai places.

And to top it all off they were playing The Postal Service CD during the meal.

Grade: B+



I went to this Wicker Park/Ukranian Village bar on Monday night, when they have a gay night. It was laid back while still high energy. Does that make sense? Not really. But, what I mean is that you could grab a table and have a couple of drinks. But while you are doing that the world's ugliest drag queen ever is playing crazy music and swearing up a storm. It is full of plenty of Wicker Park hipster kids, something I am totally not, but nice change of pace from Boystown bars. I plan to go back some time when I have more energy and wasn't slipped a roofie the night before.

Grade: B+

New York City

Well, I am back from New York City. I had a lot of fun. Sorry it took me a while to start blogging again. Some highlights:

- Saw the bridge in Central Park from the movie Birth.
- Puked after 3.5 drinks on Friday night.
- Puked twice on Sunday night after being drugged at a club, but that club called The Rambles at a place called Home was great before that.
- Encountered little if any New York attitude.
- Saw Cazwell hosting his night at BoysRoom, and Graham Norton was there hanging out, too.
- Bought a new jacket from Old Navy, but if anybody asks I totally got it at a hot little vintage clothing store in Hell's Kitchen.

Thanks for letting me stay Brady and to your friends and stuff who all hung out with us.

Grade: A


Giant Fix: Dance in a Pool

Hey. I am going to be gone this weekend, but if I were here I would totally be going to check out Giant Fix - Dance in a Pool. This performance, done by The Seldoms, www.theseldoms.org, looks super awesome. They actually perform outside in a big emptied out pool.

This picture is of my friend Bruce, looking all hot and dancerish and shit. I told him I would promote the show a little for all 4 of my readers. So, buy a ticket online at www.seechicagodance.com and go support him. I have seen him perform once and he is great.

Grade: I would anticipate an A

Taste of Lebanon

This little place a couple blocks from me is an amazing find. Taste of Lebanon, near the corner of Clark and Foster in Andersonville, is amazing (we like to call it Taste of Lesbians). It is so cheap and so good. This is some of the best Middle Eastern food I have had. Ever! Last night I had an order of babaganoj (how the f do you spell that?. French fries and a lamb kabob...It was tons of food and was just under ten bucks.

It looks totally run down on the inside, but the staff is really friendly every time. This place is amazingly good. I haven't had a single bad thing there off their limited menu.

Grade: A+

KLG's jumblies all jumbled

Hey, special guest contributor Noah here. My friend Emily just sent this over IM, and I'm speechless. Kathy-Lee sans support garments. As you can see, her tits, her tits are all akimbo. And her nips are all hard. Her tunties askew. So nasty... oh, AND AWESOME.
Kathy Lee Gifford's (probably photoshopped, but eh, who cares) tits -- A-

Prospect of a weekend in New York City

I head to New York tomorrow. I haven't visited the city since I was 21 and didn't have living in DC and Chicago to compare it to. On this trip, I probably won't be doing too much touristy stuff, my plans will focus on getting drunk at gay bars across the city. We will see how it compares to Chicago, but I sear the first person who tells me that NYC is a better city than Chicago will get punched, because I have heard that before. I hate attitude except for when I am giving it. But, some of the bars I want to visit look like a blast. Oh, and I am going on a date on Friday with some guy who I have never once met in person but talked on online for over a year, so that could be good. Or just really f'ing weird...

Anticipated Grade: B+


My new banner!

I have a new banner for my blog. Thanks to Noah (of Boomtacular, the PNSExplosian, and my friend) for making it and getting it up here! He's the best! Let me know what you think of it.

Grade: A

In lieu of reviewing something...

for this post, I just want to say how awesome my friend Noah is.

Look at him! cutey! ....God, I just frickin LOVE this kid. .....Jeeze. ... But seriously, he's super great. lol! He makes me so happy inside. Like, you know when you're super excited about stuff, well that's how i feel about him all the time! he's so kewl! I <3 him so! He'z like teh kewl and sup3r great and junk! LMAO!! but you know, im for real real here, he's just the coolest, except for sometimes he'z a big jerk and I can't stand him and stuff. Like, when im doing dishes he'll come up behind me and start to hump me, and im all noah! quit it and stuff, and he keeps doing it!! arg! what will I do with this kid! sheesh!


I love puns! If you hang out with me enough you will notice that I really use them a lot and get a giggle out of pun, no matter how lame or stupid it is. And sometimes it isn't really a pun, but just a play on words. Like Noah says to me "Well, that's fair." and I say: "Farrah Fawcett." And then I just giggle at myself.

Tell me something punny you said recently...

Grade: A+

Rachael Ray

I have a love/hate relationship with Rachael Ray. In case you don't know she is the host of pretty much every show on Food Network. 30 Minute Meals, 40 dollars a Day, and some crappy show where she goes out to eat with semi-famous people. And she has a cookbook franchise. On top of all this Oprah has just recruited her to host her own talk show. Ugh...

I am transfixed whenever she is on TV, because she is so damn bubbly and I just cant' tell if it is real or fake. She has this annoying dorky voice, but she does make some good stuff. Her restaurant choices are stupid most of the time for 40 Dollars a Day. Ask me some time to do my impression of her taking her first bite at a new restaurant on the show.

But, then I was on Chicagoist and they linked to this super nasty photo of her in FHM magazine. She is so not a sexy person to me. Do men really get off on her? This picture just made me extra super glad I am not a striaght person.

Despite my negative statements, I am drawn to her for some reason. Because I get the sense that she just doesn't give a shit...

Grade: B-



Keefer's is not your average Chicago steak house. This place is a touch more hip than the other steak joints, but just as good as the ones I have been to in the past.

I ate there for a work meeting, and really loved it. They made one (OK, two) of the best dirty martinis I have ever had. And the cold seared tuna appetizer was so f'ing tasty, but even better was the prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I did the filet for my entree and that was really great. Done perfectly, but one person at our table got her steak a little redder than she ordered. And dessert was a massive cheesecake, that was actually a little ridiculous in its size.

The only part of the meal I didn't like was the salad. It has a really strong powerful mustard taste that was way too heavy.

But, check it out. This is my favorite steak spot I have been to yet in Chicago.

Grade: B+

Hotel Sex

I love doing it in hotel rooms.

Grade: A+

Westin River North

I had a work meeting Thursday-Saturday, so I stayed at the Westing for three nights. It is a great hotel and I had an amazing view of the river. Loved the lobby, and a step above other Westin's I have seen.

And the Heavely Bed, Heavenly Shower and Heavenly Bath were super!

Stay here some time, OK?

Grade: A


Being Single

This is sort of true. I am single right now. I was dating someone awesome for like 4 months, and that ended last week. Which is fine, he is moving and it is a good opportunity for him. So, you move on and all is well.

But, I am single all you menz out there! Um, no, not really in a huge hurry to date, but who knows. I do really like where I am at in life right now and don't have a huge desire to jump into a long term relationship. Plus, pining after guys and the dating and meeting part is more fun than than the reltionship part half of the time any way.

Grade: B


People kept trashing this place, and I just believed them. Not many people seemed to like Circuit. But, I decided to give it a try last weekend. Had some free passes (which doesn't seem to be hard to get at all). And the place was sort of empty when I got there, but a really nice space. Big dance floor and great sound system with basic gay club music blasting really loud.

But, it got busier and more fun as the night went on. All you nay sayers are losers. I really liked circuit a lot. It did clear out really early though, most of the crowd left and went to Charlie's or Hydrate, I guess.

I totally wanna go and check out Latin Night. Anyone want to join me?

Grade: B+