A History of Violence

I finally made it to this movie. It has been a few months since I have been to any movie, so maybe I was just pleased to be there, but I really liked this movie. I was leary because I am not a huge David Cronenberg fan.

But, this movie about a guy who is forced to face his past history of violence after he kills two men in a hold up in his diner in a small podunk town in Indiana, is pretty gripping. And all the stuff I heard about Maria Bello was true, she is really wonderful.

But, the thing I wanted to talk about in this movie that I loved was the sex. Just a couple of sex scenes, but the way they are done is hot and raw and realistic. How often do you see a guy go down on his wife in a movie and then see the couple start to 69. And there is a sex scene on the staircase that is so animal and hot and violent all at once.

Come Oscar time, I don't see this movie going too far.

Grade: B+


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