I have been to this Wicker Park spot twice, and just found out the owner if the owner of Thai Lagoon, which I also reviewed.

Rodan is a small hip place, but almost too streamlined and clean-cut for most Wicker Parkers, I think. The menu is all pretty reasonably prices asian, south american fusion type stuff. I have had the wasabi tempura fries twice and they are super good. I had the Argentinian beef this most recent time, and the flavor was great, but the beef came out well when I ordered it medium rare, when they redid it it was still pretty much medium well.

Despite this, the decor and atmosphere makes it a fun, laid-back, yet somehow still intimate spot for dinner.

Grade: B


Blogger innommable said...

Hey I love this place!

10:55 AM, November 08, 2005  

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