KFC Revisited

OK, you guys totally called me out.

I was just too chicken to admit that I actually really loved KFC. Even though it is toxic, I still totally love it!

Grade: A


Blogger PNSexplosion said...

Mmm, "Live scalding, painfull debeaking, crippled chickens". Now I'm hungry!

3:02 PM, November 28, 2005  
Blogger casey said...

Excuse me ma'am, but I asked for dark meat in my family meal. I don't think that decapitated chicken heads count as "dark meat"

7:04 PM, November 28, 2005  
Blogger elisepeterson said...

it is damn good stuff, i don't care how they raise or kill the chickens.

7:58 AM, November 29, 2005  

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