Harold on Top Chef

Harold won! I was nervous there for a while last night that Bitchani could win the whole thing.

Harold is such a nice sweet guy, everyone liked him and his food was consistantly good. And most diners out there care about good solid food, not risks and doing fancy shit. If a chef of a restaurant takes risks, they better know what the hell they are doing before they start messing around with food. And nobody on the show was at the point of being a well-known chef yet.

Anyway, the season is over. I hope they replace the zombie hostess next season, but can't wait. Chef's, I am convinced, can be some crazy mo-fo's, perfect for reality TV.

Oh, and did David and Stephen do it on their night on the town? They said they weren't going to talk about it. It was weird.

If they did, who do you think was the top? I would guess Stephen.

Grade: A



Anonymous golden dildo said...

he's like taylor hicks, except he boils water. never watch the show, but he's cute.


8:55 AM, May 25, 2006  

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