Guu with Garlic

I was really excited about trying an Izakaya restaurant in Vancouver. This is a Japanese place that has drinks and small plates of food. There are none of these in most US cities, but it is a huge trend in Vancouver.

Guu was full of local Japanese students, and was really busy. The idea is that you get all these quick small plates to share, and the servers yell at the guys behind the counter. Lots of yelling and hustling and bustling, and these quick and easy yet really delicious plates.

I loved the food and we sat at the counter right by where all the food came out, and it was awesome to watch the team making it and see all the unique dishes coming out.

We had some great cocktails.

And then we had a snapper carpaccio, a beef salad, this egg that was wrapped in pumpkin and fried, lightly seared tuna and a shrimp and avocado dish. All SO good. The bf wasn't loving it as much as me, but we had fun for sure.

It was so Guud!

Grade: B+


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