Liliget Feast House

Liliget was the opposite end of the specture. We paid too much for really bland boring food.

Our martinis that we stared with made with some berry I had never heard of was really wonderful, but that was about it.

We shared the feast platter which had salmon, mussels, cod, duck breast, venison and buffalo sausage with rice and vegetables. Nothing was seasoned and it was all overdone. Bland and boring with every single bite. And this platter cost 50 bucks.

The only redeeming factor was the dining room. It was one of the most unique and beautiful dining rooms I had been in. Very small, but you walked downstairs and the tables are all dipped into the groud and you have to lift up part of the table to take your seat after you walk on a small path with rocks around it and take the rock steps up to your seat. Very unique and very Canadian feeling.

Anyway, if you go to Canada, stay away.

Grade: D+


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the food was really mediocre.. but the experience was nice enough.. plus the talk w/ the older couple coming back from their cruise was very nice... they were very sweet :)


11:11 AM, May 25, 2006  

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