I could probably do about 10 posts on here about Vancouver, but I am just going to give a quick rundown of my time there. If there is anything you want reviewed or discussed on here in more detail, just let me know, or shoot me an e-mail and I can giver you a personalized account.

Thursday - We couldn't get on the first flight we wanted to Vancouver and the airport was a mess, so we barely got on a plane to San Francisco and I had a mild panic attack trying to get to my seat and find a place for my luggage. But, thankfully, that was the most stressful part of the entire trip. We stayed in a hotel near the airport, and had a crappy dinner with a relaxing time in the hot tub there.

Friday - Got up at 4:00 am to get on a flight at 6:30 to Vancouver. Got on the plane no problem and got to Vancouver around 8:30. The descent into the city was beautiful and so was the city right away. Mountains with snow on them still in the background, water everywhere, the sun was shining when we got there, clean streets. Checked into the hotel, which was OK, but nothing special other than the great view from our 23rd floor balcony of the mountains, the city and the bay. Georgeous!

We quickly changed and went to the Granville Island Public Market to walk around. So much amazing food there. We got a couple of new fruits there that I had never tried (one was like a lychee, but wasn't that, and one was like a kiwi, but wasn't that exactly either). Some pate, some smoked salmon, some dungeness crab, some British Columbia brie, and beer from the brewery there and sat by the water and had a little picnic lunch.

We went back to the hotel on the ferry and rested for a while and walked down Robson street, the shopping area, where we tried on some clothes, but bought nothing and went to Lush (see previous post) and bought face stuff, shampoo bars, and a mask that seriously was amazing and made both of us have flawless amazing skin that night.

Dinner was at the Parkside, the best meal of the trip, and I will probably review it some time this week in a seperate post. Then to the gay bars. We were not feeling at first, but then our night suddenly changed and we met some great people and had an amazing time. Vancouver nightlife isn't too varied for the gays, but Celebrities is a great spot, and that's where we ended up that night and the next.

Saturday - Woke up late and had a greasy burger at the Denman Street Freehouse. Decent burger. Then we walked up the seawall of Stanley Park, great views, and walked into the forest and took a hike on a trail. Felt like we were hiking in the middle of nowhere. Then we headed down from the park to Gastown and Chinatown. Saw a really sketchy area of town with people doing drugs left and right on broad daylight. I didn't feel endangered at all, but for sure the sketchiest area of a city I have ever seen. So many druggies left and right.

Got back to the the hotel and rested again, followed by dinner at Guu, which I want to review later as well. Then back to Celebrities for another crazy night out together.

Sunday - Woke up late, yet again, and went to some greasy diner on Davie street for lunch. Then we caught a bus to Wreck Beach. The weather wasn't great and it was an adventure figuring out how to get there, but worth it. Lots of old hippies on the beach and we walked down to the far end where we saw some other fags and just layed around there. Cold weather, but a really cool environment. It is a clothing optional beach and some naked people but the weather was cold, so not too many. A few people walked around selling beer and pot on the beach.

Back to the hotel for a really shitty dinner at Lilliget Feast House, review to follow also. Do not go to this place. It sucked. Then a cocktail at Delilah's, where we should have had dinner, I think, and an early night back at the hotel.

Monday - Up early and had breakfast at the revolving restaurant at the top of the Empire Landmark, our hotel. The breakfast sucked, but the view of the city from 45 floors up was wonderful and a nice way to end our time there. Got to the airport and got to fly back home first class!

Thanks for an amazing time Vancouver! I loved it!

Grade: A+


Anonymous golden dildo said...

this is like one of those travel blogs. boring, but i know you're excited, so i am happy for you anyway. i still can't read this right now, even after two days. too much... told you to break it up in bursts, that way we have more to read every day.

but i'm not one to talk. i stopped sending out my travel feedback emails after hawaii last year.

i've got lots to do at work but can't concentrate. looking forward to palm springs. don't worry, i won't mass email everyone like i did last year.

i feel so vulnerable today, don't know why. everything makes me wanna burst into tears. your sweet nothings to jhun doesn't help either. i'm such a mess :)

7:33 AM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous golden dildo said...

oh, i meant to say travel blogs in and of themselves are boring--not your actual post... i'm gonna read it eventually.

okay, that's all.

7:34 AM, May 25, 2006  

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