Running With Scissors

I saw this movie last night despite some negative reviews. I just love Augusten Burroughs and wanted to see for myself.

I can't say I disagreed with the reviews that I have seen. But, I also can't say I hated the movie. It was awkward and choppy and weird in a lot of places, and didn't seem to have a good flow to it. But, how do you give this book about all these crazy people a good flow?

I loved Evan Rachel Wood in it. I didn't love Gwyneth or the fella who played Augusten.

But, I really really loved Annette Benning. I would suggest you go see the movie just for her. She rules the movie and every scene she is in, but not in a over the top sort of way. The woman is just brilliant and best be nominated for an Oscar for this.

Grade: C+ for the movie, A for Annette



Anonymous jimmy said...

I love Annette Bening too. She was great in Being Julia and should have won over Hilary Skank that year.

11:31 AM, November 29, 2006  

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