Green Zebra

A couple of weeks back I had an amazing fabulous night at Green Zebra. A friend threw a party for about 15 of us and treated us to tons of drinks and a seven course meal there. It was an amazing party.

Some of the dishes were really great, others not so much. I didn't understand why they would serve a chickpea pancake and then serve a risotto cake right after that. Too much cake going on! But the squash soup, the cheese salad thingy and the risotto cake all tasted really amazing.

The highlight for me were the cocktails. They have some really unique drinks that they create in the restaurant that you can mix with booze, like a dill lemonade, mulled cranberry and a ginger carrot drink that tastes really yummers with vodka.

I want to check it out when they aren't serving to 15 people to see how the food is. We were in a private room upstairs, but the downstaris space is super slick and cool.

Grade: The whole night gets an A, the food gets a B+



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