Ed Debevic's

I am a Chicagoan and had never been to Ed Debevic's. Until today.

For those who don't know, this is the 50's style diner place that tourists love where the staff is rude to you and they dance and stuff. I hadn't really had a huge desire to go there, but Noah from Boomtacular talked me into it.

There isn't much to say about the food, I had nachos. They were pretty good. But, people go for the rude servers and atmosphere. Our server came over and was all sassy and stuff, and made us wear their dorky hats. They aren't that mean to you, she just called us nerds and stuff and was all brash. Then the servers got up on the counter near us and danced and stuff.

It was really weird being there in the middle of a work day and with the cheesiness of it, and wearing that hat, and being a teensy hung over, it was pretty funny.

See you there tomorrow, Noah?

Grade: B-



Blogger Noah said...

When I was little my dad took me there a few times and I thought it was so cool that the watrai would sit down with you to take your order. The luster is a bit faded though... like the drop tile ceiling is all stained and shit, and the dancing kind of embarrassed me for some reason. But totally, see you there tomorrow!

11:41 AM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Dustin J. Harder said...

i didnt really like it but one guy that was servuing was hot. I liked it when he got up and danced on the counter.

1:39 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger elisepeterson said...

i remember going there as a kid and even then i was embarrassed for the dancers. it was random but a great haze to be in.

5:03 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Mike Reed said...

The very first time I visited Chicago, in 1988, when I was still a SoCal boy, we ate at Ed's. Then, when we moved to Chicago while I was in high school, we started a family tradition of eating there every Christmas Eve. Looking back on those memories of yore, I can't help but muse and ask, What the hell were we thinking?

6:36 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger equippedtofascinate said...

I just never understood why people liked this place. If I want rude service, I can pick from many resturants around here.

8:32 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Chargenda said...

Well, it isn't exactly rude. More like sassy. I do have to admit that they have being sassy without being offensive and being fun down to a science.

7:06 AM, February 24, 2006  

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