Kara on Project Runway

Finally, they got rid of Kara! It was about time. How she made it to the final 4, I have no clue.

As much as I would have loved to see Santino go, I think we all knew they wanted to keep him around until the final three.

The finale isn't next week, but the week after that. Next week is some interview show, but I want to know what Tim Gunn gets his panties in a bunch about!

Grade: Kara gets a C because her stuff had gotten better. Project Runway is back to about an A-



Blogger paultoes said...

how are there no comments yet? i cannot believe kara lasted this long, honestly. sweet girl, but... that's about it.
her outfit for the dress/inspiration episode? ridiculous. and it is obvious they wanted santino for the final three, either for diversity, character, or what the producers said. he's a draw, like tommy cruise doing backflips on a sofa, or a transexual paraplegic selling food dehydrators on an infomercial.

12:48 AM, February 19, 2006  

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