War of the Worlds

Wow!! War of the Worlds is Awesome. I had read some great reviews and was actually interested in checking it out. Not much of a summer blockbuster guy, and I fucking hate Tom Cruise's guts. Despite this I wanted to check it out.

I was blown away. I haven't been to a big blockbuster like this where I have been this into it for a long time. From the first scene where danger looms and clouds start to form in the sky I felt this constant tinge of fear and nervousness. The special effects, the cinematography, the pacing, all of it were just phenominal and what a movie like this should be like.

Those factors were so great and overwhelming that it let me forgive some of the films faults: Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise, some cheesy dialog, and a sappy happy ending.

Grade: A-



Anonymous k said...

why did you let tom cruise on your blog?

12:57 PM, July 20, 2005  

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