Argyle St. Restaurants

I love hitting up restaurants on Argyle street. I hadn't really had much Vietnamese food before I moved to Chicago, just a few times here and there. And Argyle has an overwheling number of options, some really really good and cheap, others also cheap, but a little sketchy.

I went to a new place yesterday that I haven't tried, and was reminded how yummers it can be. I had an avocado smoothy (one of the best things ever!). and griled pork and beef with noodles. Really basic dish, but hit the spot.

Pho is the most commen Vietnamese dish you will find, and is full of chunks of meat, noodles, and some super savory broth that you add your own cilantro, hoisen, lime and other junk to.

I really don't know which places to point you towards, because I dont' know the names of any of them. But, the one with the purple awning is really good. Tank Noodle is the most popular with the whities, but just mediocre in my book. And there is some new one with orange walls inside that is super nasty.

P.S. - Look for a future blog just on the local Ba Le Sandwich shop, cuz that deserves a blog all it's own (go there now!)

Grade: B - (just because sometimes you pick a bad place and it blows)



Anonymous Ryan D said...

I prefer Thai Binh (which is vietnamese, not Thai) just on the east side of the tracks on the south side of the street. Just watch out for the little girl who will most likely be your waitress, she's kinda smarmy.

1:49 PM, July 18, 2005  

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