1/2 Way there Oscar predictions

We are halfway through the year, and as always, not a lot of Oscar contenders out there. But, I continue to keep and update predictions throughout the year. Not a review, per se, but just thougt I would post these! About ten options per catagory; my top five and then some runner's up. Enjoy!

Best Picture
The New World
Memoirs of a Geisha
Brokeback Mountain
In Her Shoes

Walk the Line
Cinderella Man
The Producers

Best Director
Rob Marshall – Memoirs of a Geisha
Ang Lee – Brokeback Mountain
Terrence Malick – The New World
Steven Spielberg – Vengeance
David Cronenberg – A History of Violence

Curtis Hansen – In Her Shoes
Cameron Crowe - Elizabethtown
Robert Altman – Paint
Sam Mendes – Jarhead
John Madden – Proof
James Mangold – Walk the Line

Best Actor
Colin Ferrell – The New World
Viggo Mortenson - A History of Violence
Jake Gyllenhall –Jarhead
Ralph Fiennes – The White Countess, The Constant Gardener
Joaquin Phoenix – Walk the Line

Eric Bana – Vengeance
Orlando Bloom – Elizabethtown
Nathan Lane – The Producers
Russell Crowe – Cinderella Man
Steve Martin – Shopgirl

Best Actress
Ziyi Zhang – Memoirs of a Geisha
Cameron Diaz – In Her Shoes
Felicity Huffman - Transamerica
Charlize Theron – Class Action
Joan Allen – The Upside of Anger

Gwyneth Paltrow – Proof
Claire Daines – Shopgirl
Rosario Dawson – Rent
Uma Thurman – Prime
Selma Hayek – Paint

Supporting Actor
Peter Saarsgard – Jarhead
Jake Gyllenhall – Brokeback Mountain
Christopher Plummer – The New World
Ed Harris – A History of Violence
Christopher Plummer – The New World

Anthony Hopkins – Proof
Liam Neeson – Kingdom of Heaven
Jamie Foxx – Jarhead
James Franco – Paint
Ken Watanabe – Memoirs of a Geisha

Supporting Actress
Susan Surandon – Elizabethtown
Gong Li – Memoirs of a Geisha
Reese Witherspoon – Walk the Line
Michelle Williams – Brokeback Mountain
Toni Colette – In Her Shoes

Meryl Streep – Prime
Frances McDormand – Class Action
Annette Benning – Running with Scissors
Renee Zellweger – Cinderalla Man
Hope Davis – Proof
Maria Bello – A History of Violence



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Blogger amandarama said...

I'm going to see The Ax, Costa Gavras' new film, at the Film Festival this weekend... have you heard anything about it?

6:20 AM, July 27, 2005  

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