Nacho Libre

Yes, I actually went and saw this movie in the theater. I was with my niece and she wanted to go see it. I knew it looked dumb and stuff, but I wasn't prepared for what a total stink-bomb this movie was. It was terrible and the only time I laughed was when I realized how terrible and ridiculous the whole movie was.

Grade: F-



Blogger amandarama said...

Too bad. I haven't seen it yet, but I was hoping for good things. Would it help to like Lucha Libre wrestling? 'Cause I do.

12:59 PM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger Chicago_Sexbox said...

I love bad movies, but MAINSTREAM bad movies are beneath even my tacky standards.

1:39 PM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger equippedtofascinate said...

I actually was thinking about seeing this. I was going to wait till it came out on video though to rent it. It didn't strike me as being worth $10 to see.

6:17 PM, July 06, 2006  
Blogger Bloghungry said...

Shut up. I kinda loved this movie. His terrible accent, the kids, the combination of wrestling and food. It was great.

2:13 PM, July 10, 2006  

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