Ribs have always been something I avoid on menus. They just seem messy and weird to me. A whole lotta bone without much meat.

But I had some ribs the other day, and I wasn't too impressed and probably will continue to avoid them for a while. These were like a whole slab or ribs that I got with the bf. He loves them, and the meaty part was super good and they were cooked so they were sort of falling apart and stuff. That was good, but what I couldn't handle and didn't know about was the caritlidge tendony party of it. Ew. I can hande a lot, but that is sort of boge to me.

The worst part: My bf eats those. No joke.

Grade: C


Anonymous jimmy said...

What? No Tyra jokes? That's no fun.

5:56 AM, July 01, 2006  

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