I finally checked this movie out. Felicity was good. The story was good. The son was way cute (see above pic for reference). But, I wasn't blown away by any of it. I didn't even cry once, and it ain't hard to make Chargenda cry.

There was some weird script things. The overall tone was bouncing back and forth between a comedy and a drama, and not sure which it wanted to be. Did the director think that was the only way to make a trannie movie palatable? Like a lot of the reviews I read said: It was just one step above a made for TV movie.

As for Felicity's Oscar nod, I am not sure I would have had her in the group if it were up to me.

Grade: B-



Blogger Michael said...

For me, the great value of the movie was its subject matter. In that sense, it did was good movies can do by forcing me to spend some time thinking about issues and such that I had not considered previously. It was some of the little things that stuck with me, like Felicity's struggle (and progress) throughout the movie of how to describe her relationship with her son (i.e. - is she his father or his mother?). But I will concede that the movie is not stunning from much more than that.

Still gotta love Felicity, tho.

8:25 AM, June 30, 2006  
Blogger amandarama said...

See, I think Felicity and Graham Greene were the only good things about the movie. The story was totally trite, and Kevin Zegers did not impress me. But Felicity was breathtaking through and through. Yes, it was a weak female Oscar contender year, but she deserved that nom no matter what.

1:19 PM, June 30, 2006  
Anonymous jimmy said...

i wanted to post something humorous but it's an audio joke, and i would have to say something to you in person and lower my voice like a transvestite. only then would it be funny.

5:58 AM, July 01, 2006  
Blogger asspanther said...

I couldn't disagree more. I thought the movie was heartwarming and very well done. Can a drama not have light funny moments? Or can a comedy not address dramatic situations? Why does a film have to be one or the other? I thought Felicity was a revalation and certainly deserved to be in the pool of nominees, if not the winner.

12:46 AM, July 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what's with the son's perpetually baggy underwear? I just couldn't figure that out.

7:12 PM, July 11, 2006  

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