Furonda on ANTM

I wasn't a Furonda fan in the beginning of the show, but her personality grew on me. But, on screen she looked a little fugly to me. Take this photo above for example.

But, when she got up for judging her photos were really amazing. She looked good.

Joanie and Danielle are shaping up to be the final two. I would say look for Sara to go next week and for them to keep Jade for the final three. Yuck.

Grade: C



Anonymous golden dildo said...

I think they're looking for the next generation Tyra. Haven't been watching the show the past couple of episodes, but I think Danielle's going to take top prize, becoming the new "Tyra".

Of course, this is my theory every cycle, and Nicole pretty much blew that idea out of the water last season.

Jade can suck my dick.

12:01 PM, May 05, 2006  

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