Sargento's Cheese Dips

As a little kid I used to love those cheese and cracker packages that came with crackers and that little stick to spread with. Well, this is the same as that for grown ups! You can get either pretzels and chips with cheese, and they are pretty yummy.

As a kid I used to either use all my cheese on like two crackers and then not even bother with the other crackers, or I would eat the crackers with a teeny bit so that I could just dip my finger in the cheese and eat that off my dirty little kid finger. But, they give you plenty of fake tasting cheese in each packet. And they cost about $1.50 each, perfect for a broke-ass like me!

Grade: B- (I was eating one as I wrote this and I just ran out of cheese but stil have pretzels left. damn!)


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