Arco de Cuchilleros

I went to this Boystown tapas bar a couple years ago, before I even moved to Chicago and was with a bunch of girls. It pretty much delivers in terms of tasty tapas that are great for sharing, but the whole experience is a little lackluster. No friendliness from the staff. And, the prices were a bit high.

Grade: B-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely Charlie. Seeing how dead it was there last night, they should have gone out of there way to service us. Very indifferent staff. It was nice to hang out with ya'll

4:50 PM, July 21, 2006  
Blogger palochi said...

Things must be changing here. Last summer, I went a couple times. They sat us out in the back patio at a good table, waitress was very nice, food was good. Even went once back in May and I was still fairly happy with the service and the food -- although they did put us in that table along the wall in the entryway that everyone finds a need to bump into as they're stumbling to and from the bar.

It's a shame if this place is going downhill. However, it's better tapas than X/O next door. Highly overrated and snotty, indifferent staff both times I went there in the past three months.

Bitchy Waiter Queen: "So, like, we're really busy in the kitchen so you'll just have to order everything you want right now... m'kay?"

*tap tap tap*

Nobody taps their pen at me and gets 20%, sister. :-)

6:51 PM, July 24, 2006  

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