Ryan's spread

Last night I went to my friend Ryan's to watch the premier of Project Runway (more on that later) and he fed us and stuff. And I was super impressed by his spread of food.

He made some cocunut skrimp, sausage in white wine sauce, little goat cheese pan-fried balls, portobellow grilled with tomato and brie and it was all really great. It complimented each other well, was great party nibble food, but taken up a notch in class.

Way to go Ryan! Have me over for dinner any time!

Grade: A


Anonymous ryan d said...

Don't forget the berry tart for dessert!

Thanks for coming over Charguy!

9:36 AM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous Brady said...

I love skrimp!

10:31 AM, July 13, 2006  
Blogger amandarama said...

At my PR viewing party, I had a Busch Light. I might have to start coming to Chicago on Wednesdays.

1:28 PM, July 13, 2006  

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