The Bagel

Why do I get such a kick out of photos of people holding huge food?

Anyway, I had dinner all by myself at The Bagel last night. This lakeview restauarant started out in Skokie and has deli/diner food with a Jewish twist. It's really good from what I have been there there before and for some reason it isn't ever that busy there. But, I really love the cabbage borscht soup, which is cabbage cooked in a sort of sweet and sour broth. It is a huge menu, so there is lots I want to try. Last night I had a bowl of the soup and a salad sample plate with a scoop of salmon salad and a scoop of egg salad. Every table gets a basket of bread and a bowl full of yummy pickle spears.

Check them out online at www.bagelrestaurant.com.

Grade: B+


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is funny when it is big. How about the giant pink eraser for when you make really big mistakes? Classic. Why do you think clowns wear big shoes?

6:01 PM, January 27, 2006  

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