This is my favorite place to go for lunch near work. foodlife has little food court like stations all over the place with really good stuff. But, this is not your average food court. The qualify of the food is better and the rules here are a bit different.

You go to a hostess as you enter who gives you a passcard type thing. Then you are seated (I prefer to be seated in the Asian Deck) and the hostess flips over a thing saying the table is reserved. Then you wander around and decided where you want to eat, and pass your card over to be swiped. You pay on your way out. The process is a little scary the first time you go. I was way confused...

Now, the place is usually full of office workers and some annoying tourists. The other downside is that it is owned by Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, which I just sort of don't like as a whole. Ask me sometime about my experience at Cafe Ba Ba ReeBa.

Oh, and the food is pretty expensive. Lunch and drinks for two today was 22 bucks.

But despite this I sill love it! The stir fry station is wonderful and just tastes better than other nast places like Mongolian BBQ where you make your own stir fry. I seriously crave that place lately. The mexican place and salad stations also are great. And when I was there today with my friend Ryan he pointed out that they are always playing really gay music, like Erasure or Kylie or some shit, which is a plus.

Grade: B+


Anonymous Ryan D said...

Oh man, I was reading this blog entry and I started to get really scared that I wouldn't get a shout out. Thanks for the shout out Charlie!

2:25 PM, July 29, 2005  

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